09 June 2012

Infinite’s INFINITIZE + The Chaser (추격자) MV

Let’s infinitize! Okay I don’t really know what that means, but the guys sure sound cute when they say it. Infinite comes back with another catchy song “The Chaser”.

The MV is a bit strange, where L is in a car crash and he keeps rolling and rolling in the air… hmm a few other guys play the part as bad boys on motorcycles, but Hoya is climbing something? Leader Sungkyu is seen walking away from the crashed car, oh man did Sungkyu put L in the crashing car?? And then there’s a mysterious box.  Jeez I really cannot figure out the MV it’s a bit cryptic, if anyone can explain to me the storyline please feel free to do so.

However I did enjoy their new dance, they aren’t totally in sync but their moves are really strong and creative. Sungyeol looks good in long hair, but it took me a while to figure out where Woohyun was cuz he had long hair in some scenes. All of them look so good! =D

The Chaser MV:


02 – The Chaser (추격자)
03 – Feel So Bad
04 – In The Summer (그해여름)
05 – Only Tears (눈물만)
06 – I Like You (니가좋다)
07 - With...

“INFINITIZE” is a cool intro to “The Chaser”, which itself is a good title song. But other favorites of mine in the album is “Feel So Bad”, its orchestral but mellow and nice. Fans who enjoy acoustic summer songs should like “In the Summer”. With “Only Tears” it shouldn’t be forgotten that Infinite is also pretty darn good at their vocals!

Congrats to Infinite for their number 1 wins on M!Countdown and Music Bank!


  1. i thought i wanna post this but too lazy these days..hrmm thanks azra :)

    Infinite is my 2nd fav! hahaha

    The Chaser is not so catchy but still love them..they won on Inkigayo too last week..excited je ^_^

  2. haha i xdpt tgok their wins, i just saw once their music k-chart win. i thot the song was okay, but then when i saw them performing again like, wow they ALL look so good! i don't have any members that i don't like.

    hoya is super hot, L is sexy as always, woohyung and sunggyu i love them what can i say, baby sungjong is fierce i love him, sungyeol looks good with long hair, and even dongwoon i like now ^^


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