09 June 2012

Dalmatian – State of Emergency + E.R MV

It’s been a long time since we heard from Dalmatian, but they came back with a great song and concept. After the cute concept in “That Man Opposed” “E.R” (Emergency Room) shows a great exposure on Dalmatian’s vocals and overall I think Dalmatian is heading in the right direction as the songs are just so surprisingly good to listen to!

After Dari left for the military, Day Day the rapper left and is now replaced by new rapper Simon who joins members Inati, Jeesu, Daniel and Youngwon. Simon is half Korean half Japanese and he’s fluent in 3 languages, including English, Korean and Japanese. I can tell that the English & pronunciation has improved tremendously in this mini album.


I like the intro a lot, it’s very different than the random English that the idols put in their songs nowadays. The songs really catchy I like the fading chorus, I appreciate that it’s really not commonly used too. All the tattoos in the MV are painted actually so don't worry guys. ;)

01 – E.R
02 – Drive ( 안에서)
03 – Hurt
04 – Still By Ur Side
05 – E.R (inst.)

E.R is the only track that stood out for me, Drive and the other songs are nice, but I’m not really wrapped up in R&B songs that dominate this album. Good luck to the growth of Dalmatian!

Here's the new member Simon:

*Wanna know Simon's full profile? kindly go HERE :D

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