14 June 2012

December – She’s Gone MV + Album

Ballads this year so far are great! Two of some of the best balladeers in the mainstream is back with the up tempo sorrow of “She’s Gone”. I loved the song when I first saw December perform, I know DK from Immortal Song 2 and Yunhyuk I always thought looked like TVXQ’s U-Know haha.

I really recommend listening to this mini album, the songs have cheerful aspects to them but also have the sad factor of up tempo ballads. The featured are extremely good vocalists like December themselves. She’s Gone MV stars CO-ED’s Taewoon.

She’s Gone MV:


Borrow This Song (feat. Ilin & Yi Loul) MV:


01 - She’s Gone
02 - 가슴아 미안해 (DK & 아이린) [Sorry My Heart]
03 - 울리고 웃던 사랑 [Love Your Laugh]
04 - 사랑 보내기[Sending Love]
05 - 이 노랠 빌려서 (feat. 이로울 & 아이린) [Borrow This Song]
06 - She’s Gone (inst.)

I like this whole mini, She's Gone stands out as well as Sending Love, the collaboration is great in Borrow This Song. I don't mind listening to these over and over again.

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