09 June 2012

JJ Project Debuts with “Bounce” + Profile

JJ Project have had their acting debut in the limelight as actors in “Dream High 2”. JB (blonde) played in the idol group I:DN (Eden) opposite of T-ARA’s Jiyeon, whereas Jr. (brunette) was a backup dancer for I:DN. I was really excited for their debut because I completely loved them in Dream High 2 and their singing and dancing talents really shone out throughout the drama.

“Bounce” is a super fun mixture of hip-hop, electronic with a hint of rock and guitar riffs. That’s basically how you can describe the rest of the mini album as well, it’s just really colorful album to listen to, to pump up your mood.

cr: jjprojectofficial

The special effects are the same as 2PM’s Hands Up if you’re wondering. I love the energy these boys bring to the telly! Shake-it up shake –it for me~~ The dance is really easy to follow and so much fun to do. I love it! Oh and I love JB’s pink hair too lol.

01 – Bounce
02 - Hooked (꽂혔어)
03 – Before This Song Ends ( 노래가 끝나기 전에)
04 – Bounce (inst.)

I really like Bounce and Before This Song Ends, who is the girls that sings in this track huh? Does anyone know? Sometimes it sounds like someone from the Wonder Girls or miss A, I dunno..

JJ Project (제이제이 프로젝트) PROFILE

Both JB & Jr. was accepted into JYP Entertainment from the 2009 JYP 5th Audition and debuted as actors on “Dream High 2” in 2012. They are so adorable!!

JJ Project debuted on May 24th, 2012.
Models - LG’s Household and Health Care cosmetic brand Nanas’ B
Reality TV Show -  “Real JJ Project” that followed the boys before and after their Bounce debut stage on their official youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/JJprojectOfficial.


JB (제이비)

Real Name: Im Jae Beom (임재범)
Nickname: Jaebongi
Birthday: January 6, 1994
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Sewon High School
Hobbies: Field Trip by Bus on a Rainy Day, Collecting Shoes, Photography, Cooking, Reading Haruki Murakami’s books
Fav. Musicians: Michael Jackson, India Arie, Javier
Fav. Dancers: Keone Madrid, Daniel Cloud Campos

Jr./Junior (주니어)

Real Name: Park Jin Young (박진영)
Nickname: Park Jin Young Junior (Jr.), Jirongie
Birthday: September 22, 1994
Position: Rapper, Magnae, Dancer
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Kyunggi High School
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Writing Rap, Collecting Shoes, Watching Dramas, Dance Practice
Fav. Musicians: Chris Brown, Musiq Soulchild
Fav. Dancers: Henry Link, Keone Madrid

Group Pics

Nanas’ B

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  1. what i can say about JJ Project is DAEBAKKK!!

    Let it bounce bounce!! shake it shake it shake it up part is too cute! LOL

    i like Jr. ;D why are they so younggg??!!~~ *terasa tua kat sini*

  2. i know rite! why so young, i love JB cuz of his adorable smile comel~~ and their performance they shake their butt hahaha XD

  3. wow... they're very young and handsome. they are 1 year older than me.. so cute when they shake their butt. i like it.. JR and JB oppa, saranghaeyo.. fighting!! i hope you all will be famous like the other groups in JYP..


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