26 June 2012

2BiC (투빅) HU+MAN album & MVs

I introduce to you 2BiC of Nextar Entertainment! Although they have been around for a while, this is the first full mini album I’ve listened to.. and what a beautiful group I would have missed if I hadn’t! 2BiC stands for “2Bi Continue” members Jinhwan and Junhyung are specially selected by infamous producer and composer Cho Young-Soo for their mind-blowing vocals and musical traits.

I love love this album that features other excellent vocal singers Davichi, Ailee and 79. All these singers just produce amazing quality to the R&B easy-going and sometimes break-down and cry moments in this album. There are 3 beautiful MVs that complement the songs of 2BiC’s current promotion track “Love Again” with Ailee, “Just Like Tonight” with Davichi and the heartbreaking “Made Another Woman Cry” featuring Minho from “The Sun and the Moon” and famous actor Joo Won.

Made Another Woman Cry MV
cr: loenent

LOVE AGAIN (feat. Ailee) MV


Just Like Tonight (feat. Davichi) MV

cr: loenent


01 – LOVE AGAIN (Feat. Ailee 에일리)
02 – 나이기를 (Promise You)
03 – LADY LADY (Feat. 79)
04 – 오늘같은 밤이면 Just Like Tonight (With Davichi 다비치)
05 –또 한 여잘 울렸어(Made Another Woman Cry)
06 – 나이기를 (Promise You) (Piano Ver.)
07 – LOVE AGAIN (Inst.)

My favorites are Promise You, LADY LADY, Just Like Tonight and Made Another Woman Cry. Enjoy!

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