26 June 2012

Gangkiz – MAMA Repackaged 1st Mini Album

Debuting with the mini album “We Became Gang” the new group from Core Contents Media’s wing are the mature ladies of Gangkiz of GM Entertainment. The group first came out with the singleHoney Honey which is a spinoff of the beloved songs of T-ARARoly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey”, but with a more “mature” feel and performance.

MAMA is the follow up song for Gangkiz, it’s catchy but the MV is now downsized to the seven of these gorgeous model-like figures dancing in a white glossy room with dimming lights. I prefer 10x “Honey Honey” MV though.



Honey Honey is a more playful teasing song and I have to say one of the best K-Pop MVs directed! The MV is shot in several countries across Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, and Austria along with T-ARA’s Hyomin. (This was when T-ARA had their FREEDOM Euro-trip simulateneously). The overall cost of Gangkiz’s debut is 10 million yikes!

Honey Honey MV


Gangkiz is made up of members Jihyun, Sooeun, Haein, Somin, Eunbyul, Esther and Hyeji, ehh I guess I'll make a profile for them in a bit. Honey Honey MV looks like it’s based on an intriguing concept of gorgeous burn-out women, how kickass would it be if this MV was turned into a movie and the songs as the soundtrack, because all of the members of Gangkiz look like such good actresses and some of them are even actresses under CCM.

Check out the other videos of Gangkiz and T-ARA’s European trip in GM Entertainment’s Youtube channel, I like watching all the different cuts of the Honey Honey MV, where Hyomin and Jiyeon of T-ARA direct and play along with Gangkiz.


01 – MAMA
02 – Honey Honey
03 – 오늘밤 (Tonight)
04 – 슈퍼러브 (Super Love)
05 – 쉿 (Shh)
06 – 난 이별을 모를래요 (I Would Never Think of Goodbye)

Honey Honey MV (short lipsync ver.)

Honey Honey MV (Dance Ver.)


Although some of their songs sound a lot like recycled and morphed T-ARA songs, each track is pretty catchy in its own way. I like them despite how thin each of their voices are, I hope they improve on this in recording and performing wise..I still want that movie! lol

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