18 July 2010

T-ara Adding New Member And Changing Leader

I'm the new magnae... Hmmmph!.
Okay, so here one quick post from me before I start spazzing for more this week (EXPECT A LOT lol) Most of you must already know about this, but sadly for me (Alia/flyfonix) and apparently Aox (and most probably Awin?), we just knew about this. T-ara is adding one more new member and they have change their leader to BORAM. Yes, you read me right. BORAM. The little cute but the oldest member in T-Ara, Boram. (Awin, T-ara's profile please?)

So let me introduce this new girl, her name is Ryu Hwa Young. Yup still young, she's one 17 year old, so I guess 16 year old for normal count? lol She is the new official maknae for T-ara... But I love Jiyeon (Look how cute she is in the first picture! Ermm I think she is one of my top fav girl in K-Pop now hehe) Back to what I was saying, Ryu Hwa Young is 168cm, if and only if it was true lol Taller than Boram for sure XD

Ryu Hwa Young actually has a twin sister called, Ryu Hyo Young who will join the co-ed group of which Jin Hye Won is part of, and debut in September.
Here's more news :
Core Contents Media had revealed that a new member, Ryu Hwa Young, was added into the group and that the team’s leader was now Boram.

The addition of a new member into a group is a common method used by entertainment companies to bring about more diversity into the group. However, the sudden leader change in T-ara left fans dazed and curious.

Core Contents Media president, Kim Kwang Soo, has revealed the reason why T-ara’s leader has been switched,

-Since a while back, we were considering the idea of a switch in the team’s leader each year. The time was right for a change
-Particularly, Eunjung is considering acting in a movie after she completes filming activities for her current drama. During their debut, Eunjung was chosen the leader because she spent the most years as a trainee.
-Because the situation called for a change, Boram has become the new leader in order to provide opportunities for her to develop.
-Just like Boram has been appointed the new leader, there’s a possibility for another switch in the leader position next year.
-These choices were made for T-ara to advance and develop.

Meanwhile, the T-ara members are currently busy with their individual activities as well as with preparations for their 2nd album.
cred @allkpop

Eunjong was a great leader to me. I like her, one of my top 3 in T-ara. Erm it's hard to find fav in T-ara since I love all of them. My top 3 girl's group in K-Pop =D I find it weird at first, Boram? Like really?? Wow O_0 But I guess, it's worth for a new changes? Perhaps, she will gain more confident and blingbling more after this! Good luck, Boram, Ryu Hwa Young and the rest of T-ara members. Hwaiting!


  1. lol. yeah i totally jst found out when you told me. shocking much! i actually started warming up to eunjung as a leader, yeah. i dont hate her nemore, i thk she's cool hahaha.

    but yeah boram as the new leader is super strange cuz she's so tiny, gna be like snsd leader? xP *bitestongue* probably good for her to get some limelight, i thk she's quite pretty for being as old as my eldest sister.

    as for new hwa young? hmm i dont like changes hahaha. but its different than having 6 to 7. its not like kiseop entering ukiss 6-7.. or is it? lol. i dno it feels different for girl groups to me.

    i think she shoulda joined the new group with her twin sister then they would be twins in a group! how cool woulda that been! haa.. oh well. i hope she blends in well wit t-ara. yeah totally my top 3 fave groups after 2ne1 & BEG.

  2. lol I just knew like 30minutes before you did HAHAHA no different =.=

    wow azra dont hate eunjong anymore? surprise surprise XD

    i like boram in 2pm's tik tok music drama... the one yg jadik stalker nickhun hahahhha she's pretty cool, hari tuh tgk reality show ape ntah and she kinda sweet. ha yer, mblaq's idol army! haha

    t-ara change from 5 to 6 to 7.... errr i sense after school here lol

    i know! that would be so cool, twin in a group. it would be better if both of them were boys XD imagine 2 donghae HAHAHAHAH weird =.=

  3. lol yeah haha, i got over the her & minhwan thg, i gta forgive that she was like 20 and he was like 15 haha noona-dongsaeng relationship? wtver.

    really? i actually dint watch tik tok mv, lol so many mvs, evn without you i barely watched until it showed on tv haha, my fandom of 2pm is slowly slipping.. i dno why.

    t-ara 6-5-6-7 haha. oh man, i hate recycling groups, like morning musume, they graduate the old ones, then add new ones, but using the same famous name, *sigh* its so confusing.

    okay alia, part bout donghae.. i dont get it. haha i thk u took it too far again lol. ru like falling in love with him all over again or somthn? xp

  4. 5 years? like me and my sister hahahahha like me and form 2 kids XD

    no worries, i can love them alone XD

    morning musume? japan eh? japan byk recycling cmtuh hahaha graduate? lol sesuai untk after school hahahha

    err about donghae... yes? he's my no 1 since forever and I keep falling in love with him over and over again....... tho jaejin and onew is my bfs, donghae is still my husband hahaha esk onew kuar mv!

  5. ew! alia!! wait omg! i cant blieve how old i am!! form 2? i hav loads of lil kid crushes there. wtf! im so olddd. wat a coogerr nuuu....

    lol omg i so got somthn for u, but its too late to post now. haha damn its good. but ill try to post tmrw gots me a drivng class xP

  6. hahahahahaha form 2 XDDDD where my love begun lol

    aaa what? okay, esk ar... too much k-pop in one day. bape byk video da aku tgk kat youtube =.= kejar balek korg tules kat post lame2 hahaha internet laju sangat gumbira~

  7. hahhaa..tau2..kte da bce kat allkpop..

    mmg plik boram jd leader..cam dak kecik je tgk..hahahaa..tp da tue en..xpe laa..

    about the twin?? mmm..cun gak..hahaha..but still ..mmg,jiyeon is the cutest in t-ara!! wakakaa


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