24 July 2010

Se7en's Digital Bounce in the House! MV + [Tracklist]

I like still them girls, girls..

Glad the actor/master of R&B is back? The YG uh what to call him huh? The uncle? The hot older brother? Se7en has unleashed his korean comeback with Digital Bounce Mini Album, after his short promotions in the US. I only knew him from his title song "Girls" ft. Lil Kim & produced by Darkchild. Wow, I'm very impressed.

In his song Better Together there was even an excerpt of G-Dragon's part in Taeyang's song I Need A Girl. You know the part "Girls I do adore" haha. Very funny.

Better Together MV:

I don't know why but there's a part of his dance that I think is really comel. It looks like he's doing a flying sequence, so cute lol.

Now I understand why he is the outline for all the YG kids, his voice is totally in the same forms as Taeyang, Seungri & Daesung. Some songs also have the same sound style as 2NE1's, but with a special brand of Se7en. Se7en fans! Has he always been like this? XD. One thing for sure, Se7en's voice is sure sexy. The older unnis would sure love him huh? He's about 27 years old in korean!

Here's the album & concept pics!

1 - Intro (Reset)
2 - Digital Bounce (ft. T.O.P of Big Bang)
3 - Better Together
4 - I'm Going Crazy
5 - Money Can't Buy Me Love
6 - Drips
7 - Roller Coaster

Panda says: Listen to this album if you have a feeling to start hyping up & dancing! The songs are all club songs really. I prefer the R&B (ballad?) songs in here, you can hear Se7en 's voice quite well like in Money Can't Buy Me Love. I like Drips, but I dunno if I'm old enough to know what that exactly means haha.

There's a few autotunes in here, but you can hardly notice it cuz the whole album is very techno. Dare I say this album sounds very japanese as well.

Think you've fallen in love with Se7en yet?



  1. the first pic, euw tgn die :/

    the only thing i noe about him is that he couple with that jolly widow girl hahaha

  2. hahaha of course you would mention his biceps in the first pic xP

  3. wohh..se7en ensem gler dowhh!! dulu die cam xhot sgt sbb rmbut pjg en..skang perghh..hot glerr!! his song ok laa..

    ni yg berlakon dlm prince hours rite?? haahaha..comel2..

  4. aah hot kan? haha. i didnt kno him before so cant compare lol.

    yeah! oo is it called prince hours? i jst know it was called goong 2 lol. thats cool i wna watch him act, how is it?

  5. "Girls I do adore" is from his own song, and started by jay z in girls girls girls

  6. @anon - oh really?? i didnt know thanks! whoa i didnt know jay-z was in that song as well thats awesomee..


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