23 July 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100723]

Congratulation Miss A! I know you're going to win after your first winning in Mnet Coutdown yesterday! Min did not tear up like yesterday tho XD

1. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl
2. Taeyang – I Need A Girl
3. Son Dambi - Queen
4. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
5. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
6. Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
7. SISTAR - Push Push
8. Super Junior - No Other
9. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (Over Time)
10. 4Minute - I My Me Mine
11. Jang Yoon Jung - 올래 (Ollae)
12. Supreme Team - Dang Dang Dang
14. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
15. Hot Potato - Confession
16. One Two - Very Good
17. Lee Seungcheol - 그 사람 (The Person)
18. Young Gun (영건) - 너를 보내줘야 한다
19. Son Dam Bi - Can't U See
20. Kang Mi Youn - Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ)


Comeback Stage : Chaeyeon, SHINee

Performers : Norazo, Jang Yoonjung (ft. Maniac), Cho PD, B2Y, Ari, Sistar, Kang Mi Youn (ft. Mir), Narsha, miss A, G.NA (ft. Mario), ZE:A, LPG, LEO (ft. Naomi), Joonsuc, 2wins (ft. Supreme Team), MBLAQ, December, Son Dambi, Super Junior..

I don't remember all performers today, but the one that I like are:

SISTAR (Push Push) – I can see and hear improvements here. No wonder why they got so many fans now. Push push baby~ XD

Kan Mi Yeon (Crazy) – I’m in love with this song. And Mir just so fineee.

G.NA (I'll Back Of So You Can Live Better) – I’m gaining interest towards her. When I don't watch the MV lol Too bad Joonhyung did not perform today.

ZE:A (Level Up) – Dude I love these guysss! Talk about improvement! Waves waves baby~~ ZE:A is freaking hot! I can see muscles everywhere! XD

Miss A – They dance less sexy today than yesterday, why? (Tontonan umum eh? XD) Ermm I hate MB camera =.=

MBLAQ (One Better Day) – I’m such a bad fan. I don’t even know they’re going to performance their next track after Y! Urghh, mian baby~~~ It’s so good to see you guys! Seungho is all smiley today XD Mir. I don’t know what happened to him, he so hot! Cheondung got bigger for some reason lol The clothes they wearing today are not really suit with the song tho XD

Narsha (Bbi Ri Bba Ba) - Love this song! Narsha less sexy here too lol!

SHINee (Lucifer) – WOW The performance is so energetic, EPIC! I love how Onew got so many line here XD The fans are fierce lol Ermm can I say that I hate the camera here too? They focus on Minho instead of the dance lol Minho didn't dance cause he don't get well yet hurmm Get well soon!

Super Junior (No Other) – wtheckkk Eunhyuk touch Donghae faceee at the beginning KJSGBKSJBGVKSJ So random! Kyu so fine! Heechul beanie look so good on him hahah They're in pink hahahahha lol Whatsup with Eunhyuk touching Yesung abs tummy haha Oh btw, Yesung is hot nowadays XD Donghae links his arm with Eunhyuk and just drag him along lol lol Ryeowook's hair covers him hahaaha lol Eunhyuk is crazy todayyy, Shindong touch him and he's all smiley :)) Then Donghae try to open his jacket? Lol Then Eunhyuk laugh after he rap! I suspect he is in love now XD Who jump and high five? Oh its Shindong and Sungmin XD These kids are so hyper, no one can stop em XD I don't see Siwon until his part came out :/ Eeteuk is babbling all the way thru the performance hahah oh he said, "SHINee comeback! Hwaiting!" auww

It’s been a long time since I last watch Music Bank, criess!

[100723] Music Bank K-Chart:


  1. how did i kn u were going to make this post in a heartbeat? bcuz i knew for sure u were goin to spazz about suju! xP lol.

    want me to fill in the perfs & list?

  2. hahahahahhaha im so hyper, i feel like posting 10 post now HAHAHAH

    eunhae ftw!

    yes please~ heheh


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