15 July 2010

Logo Song for Strong Heart MV - Donghae feat Teuk, Hyuk & Shindong

In the middle of my CSC134 class. Just can't ignore this. Can you believe that Donghae wrote and composed this? Kyaaaaaa~

cr: smtown

1 more day and here come holidays!!!~~


  1. aww so cute =). at first i was like whoa! is that donghae singing english?? lol his pronounciation aint half bad! lol. so cute he wrote this. for strong heart haha great podium lol

  2. wahhh..comel glerr!! donghae's voice is soo sweet lahh..

    ok laa donghae leh wat lagu camni..sdp2! hahaa..yg lg 3 org uh saje nak nyebok..hahhaaa..

  3. @azra - ermm I think he's trying hard to improve his english tho its funny but cute everytym he sings in english. have you heard of suju m- super girl? He's part, "he's not super girl, he must be mama boy" angel or cant remember the song title (what a bad fan) - "your my angel, whisper softly"

    @awin - haha lagi 3 uh lawak la. kte gelak2 tgk dorg, pas2 jerit2 pas2 auww tgk donghae... err cm org psycho je hahahah


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