30 July 2010

B2ST/BEAST & Shin Se Kyung in BBQ Chicken CF!

Wahh..I also want to post something but I don't know what to post..hahaa..just like Chibi..=p

Omo..I haven't read allkpop for a week kot..memang ketinggalan zaman..hahaha..and I accidently found a news about BEAST's CF!!hahaha..overexcited gila..I miss BEAST very much!! wakakaka...so I want to post about their latest CF..about chicken again..isk3..I think this is my 3rd or 4th post about chicken CF en?? hahhaa.. I eat chicken ALMOST everyday ok at Penang..ayam murah sikit..hahahaa..

Cred: TaiwanPttBEAST

The CF sees the BEAST boys facing off against Shin Se Kyung and some girls in a dance battle of some sort..so cute right?? hahaha..BEAST, yahh..my favourite group for ever dancing to SHOCK at first..hahaha..I like their casual clothes..cool gila!! but the song is familiar eh?? grrr...don't know lahh..

Se Kyung is very pretty..haa..my housemate said that she appeared in We Got Married before..hahah..gorgeous!! =D


  1. hahah penang ayam murah? haha xleh bla

    da nmpk iklan nh, tp tggu awin and the chicken's cf post baru tgk XDDD

    beast comellllll, tarian shock comel gle plus tarian ape uh pun hot hahaha

    pmpn nh hot gleeeeeee

  2. hahahhaa..siyes weyh..asyik mkn aym je kt cni..tp skang da mle msk da kt umh..goreng2 ikan sume..bes2!!

    hahaha..tau xpe!! beast comel glerr..rase cam nk mkn je aym uh!!

    da lme x nmpk beast..happy je ble tgk iklan ni..keh3


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