14 July 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100709]

Haha sorry this is uber late, but better late than never! Since someone asked for this, we won't put it off for this week's k-chart instead. Afterall it was a heck of a good show!

Not that I know, I missed it cuz I was out sadly T-T. Look out for more entries this 2nd week of July taking the top spots!

On July 9th,

~ Debut Stages: Girl's Day & Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls' Solo.

~ Comebacks:Son DamBi, ZE:A (Children of Empire) & Taeyang of Big Bang (ft. G-Dragon) *who should of comeback last week on MB but didn't*

~ Goodbye Stages: CNBLUE & Sori.

~ Other Performers: One Two, Koyote, miss A, Sunny Side MJ (ft. Taesabiae), 4Minute, Norazo, Infinite, Sistar, Young Gan, Naomi (ft. H-Eugene) & LPG.

Congrats to super idols SUPER JUNIOR for taking the week's k-chart prize with No Other!

Click more for the TOP 20 List!

TOP 20

1. Super Junior - No Other
2. MC Mong - 죽을 만큼 아파서 [Hurt to the Extent of Death] (ft. Mellow) *NEW*
3. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
4. Taeyang (Big Bang) - I Need A Girl (ft. G-Dragon) *NEW*
5. CNBLUE - Love
6. Koyote - Return
7. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (Overtime) *NEW*
8. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
9. Davichi - Please Stop Time
10. Hwayobi - Bye Bye Bye
11. Jang Yun Jung - 올래 (Come)
12. f(x) - NU ABO
13. SISTAR - Push Push
14. 4Minute - HuH
15. MBLAQ - Y
16. Hot Potato - Confession
17. T.O.P (Big Bang) - Turn It Up
18. Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
19. Seo In Young -사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 (Written As Love, Sung As Pain)
20. Navi - We Really Did Love Each Other (with K.Will)

I'm gonna squeeze in a little Panda says: here.
I REALLY really love MC Mong's new song with Mellow, I really recommend it, great new music. Mellow's voice is like a sweet version of Narsha's voice. Very very pleasant hooks in there. Also, the english pronounciation is impeccable! With minor grammar glitches but that's fine. It really deserves to be at the top of the charts, why are MC Mong songs so good?? Cheers!

[100709] K-CHART & Super Junior's No Other Win:



  1. sorry aox for doing this.
    you know how hectic i am last week.
    and this week is too free but i'm so lazy to go home early.
    Anyway, it's shocking for no other from nowhere number to be on top. MC Mong too.

  2. lol no worries. its my uh 2nd k-chart post? lol. hope u can be free soon x). the week's k-chart i missed is so good! XD lol

  3. wohh!! suju mng!! hhaha..tetibe je..but no other mmg bez!! congratz suju!!

    ohh..mc mong's new song is great eh??okayh, nnti i dgr..hahaha..

    hahaha..love taeyang-i need a girl!! he #1 @M!Countdown today!! yeahhh!!!

  4. lol yeah im not surprised at all suju was #1, i knew it ever since they cameback wit no other, i mean all their fans would vote #1 even if it was a sucky track xP, haha im being mean again lol. but i do like the song.

    yeah i need a girl? hmm still ok je kot. i cant believe i missed my gd!! T-T

    oh yeah mc mong's song, is like back to when there was good songs again, its not his happy songs like horror show stuff like that. i like his duet songs with ppl, like k.will, seo in young X)


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