27 July 2010

CN Blue's "Listen to the CN Blue" Asia Tour 2010

Code Name Blue (CNBLUE) is ready for their 1st Asian Tour! It's just like FNC to have these super bands to go about the world only after a couple years of being in the music field. CN Blue first debuted in Japan in 2008, spent two years there then finally debuted in Korea in 2010, so I guess they're not rookies at all!

They're going to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, China & maybe Malaysia.. Oh, are you excited? Here are the details of the boys' planned stops!

Seoul, South Korea (organizer: FNC Music)
July 31 (Sat) - 1st Live Concert @ Seoul AX Hall - 7PM
website: www.interpark.com

❤ Singapore
(organizer: Prooflabel)
- August 20 (Fri) - Autograph Session @ City Square Mall Level 1 Atrium - 8pm-8:45pm
- August 21 (Sat) - Showcase & Fan Meeting @ University Cultural Centre NUS, Centre For The Arts - 3pm-4:30pm
email: ask@prooflabel.com
tickets: www.gatecrash.com.sg

❤ Hong Kong (organizer: TRiKs)
- August 26 (Thur) - Mini Live & Fan Meeting @ Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (HITEC) - 7:30PM
email: cnbluehk2010@gmail.com

❤ Bangkok, Thailand (organizer: truemusic, sponsor: clean & clear)
- September 11 (Sat) - Mini Live & Fan Meeting @ Royal Paragon Hall 3 - 5:30pm

❤ Japan (-SOLD OUT-)
- September 16 (Thur) - 2nd JP Single release Live Tour @ Osaka Ninba Hatch - 7PM
- September 18 (Sat) - 2nd JP Single release Live Tour @ Nagoya Bottom Line - 6PM
- September 20 (Mon) - 2nd JP Single release Live Tour @ Tokyo Shibuya ~ AX - 6PM

❤ Taipei, Taiwan (organizer: Brockers Brothers Herald)
- September 25 (Sat) - Mini Live & Fan Meeting @ National Taiwan University Sports Center - 7:30PM
website: www.bbh.com.tw
tickets: www.g-music.iticket.com.tw

❤ Shanghai, China (organizer: New Star Group Entertainment)
- October 2 - Shanghai Luwan Gymnasium

= PLANNING FOR MALAYSIA = To Be Confirmed if a lot of people SUPPORT!

Malaysia (organizer: Marctensia)
- October 24 - 6pm-7:30pm (to be confirmed)

Follow this post or Concert & Tour Schedule for more updates! These countries are so lucky! If anyone's going I'd love to hear which one you'll go to.

ALSO, check out CNBLUE's new authentic twitter in which all 4 boys share & all write in!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i'm super jealous with singapore!!
    and i actually could fly to singapore if i want.. but hurmmm.. hurmmm...
    good luck cnblue for your asia tour.=___=;;
    should include malaysia if u mention asia tour in my opinion. LOL

  3. @chibi - yeah! totally, fnc asyik pg sg. haha asian tour should include msia haha. they need to trust an organizer here, but dont they hear good stuff from heechul?? xP.

    chibi jom! let's fly to sg, we dont need a visa do we? lol. aug 20 dyu thk we can make it?? XD lets gooo!

  4. lol yeah haha i dunno. i need at least 1 hour to just stare at each member! XD


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