02 July 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100702]

Because I promise to help aox as much as I can, here's another post. ^_^
Today's Music Bank K-Chart!! The winner is IU feat. 2AM (Im Seulong) - 찬소리 (Nagging). But today her duet changed to Seo In Guk. Can I say I love Seo In Guk's smile towards IU?? Wahaha.. Dongho must be super jealous seeing IU with Seo In Guk. One of his ideal is IU, right??

[Note:- someone who is kind-hearted.. Link, please as well Lala, fill them. Thank you. :))

TOP 20

congratulations, IU!! And Seulong who is absent today. ^^

  1. IU feat. 2AM (Im Seulong) - 찬소리 (Nagging)
  2. CNBLUE - Love
  3. Koyote - Return
  4. F(x) - NU ABO
  5. Super Junior - Miina (Beauty) [BONAMANA]
  6. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
  7. Davichi - Time Has Stopped
  8. Hot Potato - Confession (the longest ever song in k-chart for this year I think)
  9. Hwayobi - Bye Bye Bye
  10. Sistar - Push Push
  11. 4MINUTE - HuH
  12. SS501 - Love Ya
  13. Navi - We Really Did Love Each Other Feat. K.Will
  14. MBLAQ - Y
  15. Big Bang (TOP) - Turn It Up
  16. Jang Yun Jung - 올래 (Come)
  17. Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
  18. Lyn - 자기야, 여보야, 사랑아
  19. Seo In Young -사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 (Written As Love, Sung As Pain)
  20. December - Tears in Heaven
Singers that performed today:-

숙희(Feat. 쥬얼리 하주연), 8eight, 2wins(트윈스), SORI(소리), 소연&지연(티아라), 대국남아, 일렉트로보이즈, 화요비, 오렌지캬라멜, 노라조, 써니사이드 MJ(Feat. 태사비애), MBLAQ, 장윤정, miss A, 인피니트(INFINITE), Sistar, 린, IU&서인국, 4minute, CNBLUE, 슈퍼주니어

Sukhee (Feat. Jewelry Ha JuYeon), 8eight, 2wins, SORI, Soyeon & Jiyeon (T-ARA), Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA), Electro Boys, Hwayobi, Orange Caramel, Norazo, Sunny Side MJ (feat. Taesabie), MBLAQ, Jang Yun Jeong, Miss A, INFINITE, Sistar, Lyyn, IU & Seo In Guk, 4Minute, CNBLUE, Super Junior

**Comeback Stage!!**
- 장윤정 <올래>

**Hot debut Stage!!**
- miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

**Overlap Stage!!**
- 4minute - I My Me Mine
- 슈퍼주니어 <너 같은 사람 또 없어> (No Other)

awin - :) Here's the k-chart video..
aox - got no.16!

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD


  1. awh man!! i cant believe i missed all these guys! i mean dna! lol

    i only saw mblaq, Sistar, IU & Seo In Guk, 4Minute, CNBLUE, Super Junior. huu..

    i was pretty sad cnblue didnt win, iu was all without seulong! seo in gook im sorry i like you but that it wasnt so hot doing seulong's part, but thnx for filing in anyways homie lol.

    damn u iu! damn uuuu!! sorry im too boice-ing myself too much now.

    haha seriously?? one of dongho's ideal is iu? i thot that was just sumthn i made up in my fanfic xp. aww thats so cute, they're both the same age! ^-^

  2. what is the song that super junior performed today?? does it has MV?

  3. haha..congratz IU!! bez laa lagu dorang!!

    eh, kte maleh nk update,so kte ltk link je..hehhee...rajin tol chibi wat kchart ni...kte mmg xdpt tgk mb da..

    thank u very much chibi!! :)

  4. @R-Piz - the song is called No Other from Super Junior.

    Here's a recent post I've made about it:



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