20 July 2010

SHINee - LUCIFER MV + [Tracklist] + Photos

We're back.

SHINee has finally comeback! The one that everyone has been waiting for. Let's watch the music video.

Source : sment@youtube

I was smiling the whole time, I dunno because of their hairs or song XD

MP3s & Photos are under the cut.

01 UP & DOWN
02 Lucifer
03 Electric Heart
04 A-Yo
05 Obsession
06 Quasimodo
07 Shout Out
09 Your Name
10 Life
11 Ready or Not
12 Love Pain
13 Love Still Goes On

Thanks Aox for the songs! I haven't heard of any yet except Lucifer, tell me which one is good? Haha first time doing mp3s and comeback lol

Enjoy the weirdly awesome photo concept of SHINee~

Group photos :

Onew :

Jonghyun :

Key :

Minho :

Taemin :


  1. hahaha yay!! shinee comeback. super weird. lucifer are they trying to be devils?? lol wat was it that i called their concept again? hobo gangstas, haha wtver yeah that should be it lol.

    keyy i like it with all his hair haha. jonghyun's old haircut + sungmin's dont don haircut? lol i just HATE that bald thing! so not into that stuff key!

    oh well i already switched back to taemin rmbr? since i stoppd having dreams of key being a vampire, magnae is mine!! but he looks like an fti dude wonbin's hair?? lool.

    i'll comment again once i finish listening to all the songs, but so far sooo weirdd.. and the mv i'll watch too.

    *p/s: u kno u put 2 of the same pics of key?

  2. well...maybe someone didn't listen the song Lucifer with english translation^^...they look amazing!!!! and there is no copy of anything they look special and original in the song....key is great and is super brave to do that kind of hairstyle
    jonghyun does not have his last hairstyle is diffrent is a bit more longer...
    onew is a cute dubu<333
    minho got his flaming charisma be more FLAMING!!!
    and as for taemin...he is ASWOME!!! i've fall in love with him
    he is great turning into a super man

    as for the other songs...you have to listen to all because they are alll great....but i recomand "up&down" , "ready or not" , "a-yo" , "WOWOWOW" ^^


  3. @criss_the_sweety lol. dont worry im not insulting, i meant key's haircut looked like jonghyun's ringdingdong haircut + sungmin's haircut. he used to be my fave, but i keep switching in SHINee ^-^.

    i cnt wait for their comeback! i had time to listen to up&down & lucifer so far, and i thk they're quite strange, not very shinee style? oh well, wna listn to the rest!!

  4. @criss_the_sweety - thanks, okayh im going to listen to em!

    lol they would look uber cool if they were bold too XD i like key's hair if i cant see the bold part XD onew baby, i still prefer you with short hair. oh well, they're going with weird concept, just hopeful that they wont come to Malaysia with that hair style, they would totally look like some rockers/punk not kpop group lol XD

    @aox- oh yeah, thanks for pointing out that. da dlte satu

  5. lol kay jst watchd the mv, haha omg alia i dno why but after the mv finished i started giggling a lot too haha, i dunno why!

    taemin is seriously like wayyy pretty in this, he looks like a really hot girl! im serious! but u kno how he makes me fall whnver he dances, u can tell he's really feeling it nowadays.. maybe he feels more sexy with long hair?? XD i dno wat to make of this. lol.

    jonghyun & minho's pretty cool they're all normal like its a relief actually. key it was funny whn he poked at his shaved side of his head, again dunno why.

    yeah its like a total hip-hop song, but wit rocker alley gangster concept. i like the dance its cool. the song at first i thot sounded so much like boa's energetic, but had the structure of bonamana. its more addictive once u watch the dance as always X)

  6. hahahha we're on the same boat here! XD

    the song get cooler if we see them dancing with it XD

  7. lol also the random english phrases shinee does these days, loverholic, robotronic, like so fantasic, so elastic. i wonder where they cum up with this stuff? X)

  8. so the non korean can sing a long with them HAHAHHA loverholic robotronic? HAHHAHAH

  9. hey! the album actually is pretty good! i jst listend to the full. well past the 1st three songs, its good. like ballads & upbeat 2am kinda stuff, u kno really good cuz shinee has awesome vocals & stuff. yeah i like the album!

  10. hahaa..kte tergelak sorang tgk rmbut key!! adoiii..xthn tol!! pelik gler kot..

    actually jonghyun n minho's hair je yg plg ok kot..yg laen hampeh je..but taemin nmpk da matured dah!! hehehee..

    lucifer bez!! cool gler their dance..smart gler!! hahahaa..love <3

  11. hahaha.....we will be funny:-p


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