08 July 2010

Black Pearl is Go Go Ssing EP! MV + [Tracklist]

owh! we're back!?

After 3 years Black Pearl is ready for a comeback! Previously known as a ballad group from Mnet Media, they debuted in 2007 (same as FTi!) around the same time as the Wonder Girls & SNSD. Being already older in age than the newbie groups they were sought to battle out the top girl group title with them, but instead fell out into hiatus.

Now Black Pearl is looking much more colorful don't you think? Go Go 씽 is an EP of their past works including 2 new tracks. The title track has a fun-summer-like concept. Nami, Youngjoo, Heeeun & new member Jungmin is to have their comeback today, but catch them on the 9th on KBS Music Bank!

Go Go Ssing MV:

I like the MV its really colorful but light, the song becomes catchy once you've watched the MV. Although Black Pearl is quite matured in age, they're also matured in their vocals. They're like a 4-membered Davichi or Seeya. Well of course, these girls have been mentors to those hoobae groups for a long time.

Before the widely acclaimed collaboration between Davichi, Seeya & T-ara, a company fuse-group was formed actually, called Blue Moon that includes Black Pearl, Davichi & Seeya. Hm, there's a lot to look out for these guys so perhaps I'll write up a full profile later.

For songs & pictures..

Here's the tracks:

1 - 고고씽 (Go Go Ssing)
2 - 그대라서 (Because You)
3 - 결국... 너잖아 (Finally...It's You)
4 - 좋은걸 어떡해 (I Can't Help Liking You)
5 - Blue Moon
6 - 좋은사람 (Good Person Ver. 2)
7 - 미운사랑 (Hateful Love)
8 - 나 너 좋아해 (I Like You)
9 - 애수 (Sad)

Panda says: The album is quite 2007! And that's cool. You can hear the different mnet media artists influences in there, from something that sounds very FT Island-ish to the same sort of "Power of Women" feel that are later mainstreamed by Davichi, Seeya & T-ara.

My favorite in the album is Blue Moon no doubt. I dunno if Davichi or Seeya are in it, but haha it's hard to tell all their voices together.

Go Go Ssing, is probably the most hyper song in the album. What's another fresh new way to introduce a group?

As for Good Person, sound familiar? Black Pearl actually sang the original version of this awesome song, which was later covered by T-ara for their debut album. I still like this song, its always good.

Try out the whole album if you'd like to hear what these guys are all about!

(okay so i'll just jumble them for now, I dunno how to tell them apart yet lol)


  1. azra,klo rajin, wat laa profile dorang skali..xknl lg dorang..hahaha..

    dah rr dis year byk gler girl group debut n comeback..x igt un name2 dorang..kah3..

    btw, go go ssing bez jugak!yeah!! blue moon catchy gak..yg laen sume lagu slow2 je..but ok lah their album..wohhoo!

    thank u so much azra!! hahaa

  2. lol yup2 hopefully i can make a profile for them, info on new member is like 0 right now lol. so i'll have to wait a bit.

    lol yeah after a few listens the album grew on me a little bit, i hope they get more hits to sing like davichi n stuff. i thk ballads suit them since well they're not as young to do the hyper debut stuff lol.


  3. the pics n mv remind me of fti litmus photoshoot and kara rock you hahahah jom amek gmbr aaaaaaaaa

    how old are they? aaaa weird weird, but i give em a try.

    eyh, is this the group that have battle dance with wg, snsd and dunno who to seduce kimbum? lol

    black pearl.... pelik la name group tuh, then concept kalerful haha

    omg suara dorg sdp gleeee! besh2!

    eh dorg mmg 4, then sorg kuar eh?

  4. haha yeah they reminded me of fti's summer litmus too lol.

    they are very old, quite very old like solo singers. no where near as young as wg or snsd at the time thts probbly why the idols were more famous.

    lol mollayo, seduce kimbum? i thk so i thk i did see that somewhr!

    yeah they were 4 members then one left, then added one young one. i thk the new is the first pic..

  5. I love their vocals. When I first heard them, I was amazed.
    The MV and the song are really catchy. Thanks for this!


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