18 July 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100716]

Teeheehee.. back again for this week's Music Bank K-Chart on Friday!

Again, dang it for family trips! I missed this week's Music Bank on KBS myself. But don't miss the K-Chart. Let's see who made it to the top this time!

~ Debut Stages: G.NA (ft. Joonhyung), Teen Top Debut.

~ Comebacks: Supreme Team, Black Pearl.

~ Other Performers: Super Junior, Girl's Day, Taeyang, ZE:A, Narsha, miss A, SISTAR, Son Dambi, The Boss (DaeGukNamAh).

*If you can fill in who else performed, gladly obliged! I'm just writing those that I know*

Chukahamnida (Congratulations!) to Taeyang of Big Bang for his BIG win of I Need A Girl on the K-Chart July 16th!

Here's the K-Chart List:

1. Taeyang (Big Bang) - I Need A Girl
2. Super Junior - No Other
3. miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
4. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
5. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
6. Son Dam Bi - Can't U See *NEW*
7. SISTAR - Push Push
8. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (Overtime)
9. CNBLUE - Love
10. Koyote - Return
11. Kang Mi Youn - Crazy
12. Narsha (BEG) - I'm In Love *NEW*
13. Jang Yun Jung - 올래 (Ollae)
14. Hot Potato - Confession
15. f(x) - NU ABO
16. Davichi - Please Stop Time
17. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
18. Supreme Team - Dang Dang Dang
19. 4Minute - I My Me Mine *NEW*
20. 2PM - Without You

Other than the new songs, new entries to the Top 20 include miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl, which surprisingly shot up to #3 & Kang Miyoun with Crazy featuring Mir of MBLAQ at #11.

Also the shocking return of 2PM's Without You up 25 spaces back into the Top 20, why? Did they do something last week that I missed?

A lot of songs went down the chart, but SISTAR's Push Push is gaining echoes in people's heads I reckon. Lol I just think people are starting to itch for new music don't you think?

[100716] Music Bank K-Chart Top 20:



  1. HAHAHAH seriously, asal fav aku je mesti top? MISS A! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Seriously, I told you they're good. much MUCH better than Sistar XD (sorry sistar's fan)

    and 2pm? HAHAHA lol you're coming again and again I guess XD stop hunting us lol

    auww kinda sad that my baby didnt won this week. better luck next week suju, since I'll be watching you guys this week! urgh lame xtgk mb =.= even yg ulangan......

  2. haha ew i totally luv SISTAR more than miss A. lol dno ttbe kt #3 eh? lol. gtta stay away from mainstream sm, jype xP haha.

    yeah! super shocked taeyang got it! thats pretty cool! looks like gd's not the only one that can get #1s solo lol.

  3. big bang sure have personal individual talent XD dont be shock if TOP get to #1 too HAHAHAH

    erh, please. its not all about mainstream. face it, their song and dance are way better than new immature company. not saying they wont get better. if they can learn more, theyll be on top in no tym. but 'you dont know me' is sure better than 'push push baby'~ HAHAHAH miss a nmpk cm da lame debut but sistar nmpk cm baru sgt debut (tho dorg debut dulu), not talking about age here, but experience.

  4. top is beasty yo, i dont doubt he cnt get #1 too, but die ngade2 xnk perform huh lol. it'd been like wayy awesome if he did.

    lol yeah sistar is pretty famous cuz of their song. push push lawak pe?? lol. very under-trained. but a lot of natural talent.

    cm album miss a is like trying too hard utk me la. sbb sadly jype i thk doesnt hav good vocals, its quite rough, tho their good at dance. prolly 2am's the only one who's beasty at vocals..& sunye lol mimi too but she's gone =(

    yea i wnna see them do ballad bfore i say their good. like secret, i was like wtf is mazic? then i heard 3months & 6yrs was it? sooooo blew my head off! good! X)


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