04 July 2010

Kan Mi Youn's Crazy Single [MV]

a.k.a the lucky one..

Ex-Baby Vox soloist Kang Mi Yeon has released her newest single entitled 미쳐가 (Crazy)! You can watch the teasers & still pics here. The track features Mir of MBLAQ in a hot & fast rapping bridge while MBLAQ's Leejoon also features in the ehem "intriguing" music video! In the MV she's portrays someone quite psychotic, ties up a dude in her house, while he regrets ever meeting her. You can also see a surprise comedian cameo at the end of the vid! Super random!

Crazy (미쳐가) MV:

Panda says: You know I absolutely lurve Mir's rap part, but I do agree that its completely different from the rest of the song. While the chorus is very been there done that, a lot of autotune, I find myself singing micheoga!! part only cause its so catchy lol.

Enjoy! Read more for her concept pics..


  1. hahha...xpnh dgr un kang mi yeon ni..tp her voice like lee jung hyun je...hehe..but the song is very catchy..micheoga!!~ hahahaa..bpk psycho pompoan ni...isk3

    and mir wat style rmbut cam seungho..muke die jd laen da..hampir x knl!hehehe..

    leejoon bajet HOT je dlm mv ni..hahaaa..

    k..thx for the mp3 azra! weee ;)

  2. haha i kno rite, mir is like transformed, im so shocked, its so differnt than the always bullied kid from makbanshi haha. he's so hot now!!

    xp i kno rite! leejoon bjet hot gle dpt tied up after a girl haha.

    its a fun mv to watch lol

  3. jap, baby vox yg ade eunhye ke? kena wat profile 1st generation nh huhu

    ahh, mv xde, aku tukar kan... haila, asyik tym aku nk tgk je, video xde haih haih

    mir! da mcm gd je aku tgk hahah cool gleee

    i love the dancee, i like this song hehe

    dude, i dont understand the ending? tho its kinda funny hahah


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