02 July 2010

Son Dambi - Can't U See Teaser MV

hey, kpoppers!! I'm going to update today as crazy as I could. I'm going to be serious update for today as I will enter university this Sunday and will not online for a week. (Can't believe it that I'll be offline for a week. Miccheoseo!!)

As you guys know, Son Dambi will do her comeback (according to the date I posted today.) on 9th July 2010 which means 6 days left before D-Day with 3rd Mini Album called 'The Queen B'. :D

pledis ent just released 'Can't U See' teaser,

credit:- UrAsianSourceTV

and if you want to dig more about the song, they actually have a full song in youtube. So, search by yourselves. We can't help in leaking the songs. :D

chibi's review:- Don't the dance remind you guys to Taeyang? Oh btw, Taeyang had his comeback last night on Mnet! Countdown. Hehehe

1 comment:

  1. haha actually the song wasnt leaked, it was just released today, album is for later lol.

    thnx so much for doin this chibi chan!


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