21 July 2010

Teen Top - Clap MV

Clap Clap Clap Clap for young Teen Top!
I know I'm late, but better late than never right? Hello new young and fresh debuties (that's not even a word okay little kid?) lol Knowing them makes me feel old :/ And that's, not a good feeling actually.

Must watch if you haven't watch yet!


They are young, so you most probably think that they will debut with cute concept right? Think again. Boy, there are sure 6 little cute hot boys! When Aox is craving for cute concept and awesome strong angelic vocal, I'm drooling over hot concept and some sizzling dance moves! lol Why the older one wants to go with cute concept and the younger one wants to go with mature concept? What happened to the world nowadays?

Okay let me try to point out who is who in the mv (with extra pic). Pre-introduction!
0:08-0:23 - The one that smack his book (don't do this at home kids lol) and started to dancing (lol so random) is Ricky. He is 1995, 2nd magnae. Omg so baby!!! 'Lovely Vocal' in the group. But I can't hear him singing? Erh? Except for this first part, I can't find him anymore :/

0:24-0:31 - The one that sings first is Niel. 1994 baby. Cry~ He is the 'Emotional Vocal' in the group. No wonder he sings a lot. Yeah I do think he has nice vocal.

0:31-0:39 - Chunji, 1994. 'Power Voice' in the group. Another main singer in this group.

0:40-1:00 - Niel is singing again. But the one who plays the violin is L.Joe, 1993 baby. He is the 'Bad Boy Rapper' in the group, but I can't hear him rap? lol Oh man, I love 'Clap Man, Mad Man' part, tho whatever its mean XD The dance is hot XDDD

1:01-1:05 - The one that shows beastly action is called C.A.P. Leader jangg! 1992 - the oldest! 'Charisma Rapper'. I think he should be the 'Bad Boy Rapper' lol

Chorus - Man, I'm loving the chorus. 'I'm so cra cra crazy~ Clap 4x mad man.' LOL
1:17-1:23 - Chunji again. Boy, I think he's my fav XD
1:32-1:59 - Niel take over again.
2:00-2:16 - The one that rapping is C.A.P. He shows his abs! aaa And he's actually our age? erh :/ Can't imagine my boy friends have that LOL (Stop imagine azra, awin, chibi lol)
2.17-2:56 - Niel and Chunji sings again this part.
2:57-2:59 - The on that says rap 'baksu baksu' is L.Joe. I guess that's 'Bad Boy Rapper' is for. HAHA
3:12-3:13 - I feel so bad, I can't find baby magnae except for this part =.=! Miannn. Anyone would like to point out magnae in this mv to me? Anyway, magnae goes by the name of Changjo, 1995 baby too. There are three 'C' in this group. Chibi would be so proud (lol xde kena mengena) He is the 'Dancing Boy'. Lol he should take Ricky's part at the beginning then.

Err I don't know what Lizzy of After School trying to do here. lol

Overall, I can really see, heard and remember (faces/hairs) Niel, Chunji and C.A.P. LOL I change my mind! 3 of them are my favs now haha Hard to choose once you know them. Anyway, hopefully next time everyone gets equal part.

I don't know why but I'm gaining interest towards them. Tho Teen Top is not a good name for idol group HAHA Next post from me gonna be Teen Top's profile and mp3s. Mind you, I don't actually prefer younger generation. But oh well, what can I do anyway?

Ps - Really apologize if I make any mistakes here cause I'm learning their name and faces by myself (within 1 hour) lol Do correct me if I'm wrong, okay? Go Teen Top! (Uhh what a cheesy name)


  1. hahaha u realize u put the word baby, after each of their names? x)

    haha wow they're pretty high strung boys there aren't they? already at the dark & hot concept. skipped loads of stages lol. bet they'll be a cute concept next xP.

    ah dont thk im craving for cute concept but i jst want something different than dark all the time. haha i feel so bad watching this cuz they all ARE hot! but they all are WAYY younger than me! as old as my namdongsaengs at home! eoteokkhae??

    I like L.Joe & Chunji so far i thk, dunno but i dont see Ricky anywhr else than the first part haha. and magnae is nowhere to be seen! at times i thot there were only 5 kids, then id see a small one behind the middle dude, like kid get out from behind! lol.

    alia's first profile! x sangke lol & alia has already fallen in love lol.

  2. cause they're so baby!!! cant help stressing out the word baby hahahaha

    skipped lots of stages hahah lol ahah im sure they can pull off cute concept too XD

    i know, i dont know how i fall in love with these kids XD

    haha lol i have to remind myself over and over again that they have 6 members hahahah i always thot they're 5 XD

    aa pre-intro only maa XD


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