04 July 2010

Super Junior's No Other on Music Bank + Repackaged Album [Tracklist]

Last Friday, 2nd July Super Junior continued on promotions after Miina (Bonamana) with a brand new song from Repackaged Album with No Other (너 같은 사람 또 없어)!
Happily it was on Music Bank, the guys are so so cute and this song is quite unexpected for me after all their hard hitting hits breaking familiarity from the likes of Sorry Sorry & Miina.

Watch the Music Bank 2nd-Promo-Comeback below!

Repackaged album:

1 - 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
2 - 진심 (All My Heart)
3 - 여행 (A Short Journey)
4 - Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)

Sorry If I couldn't post up all their concept pics, there are so many of them! And I wasn't thinking around the time I was being biased & now I only have a lot of Kyuhyuns haha.

Enjoy these wallpaper sized ones!


  1. dude, I was going to post this, but then I saw your post in draft, so I restraint myself for spazzing hahahaha

    aaaaaaaaaa NO OTHER is the best suju's song everrrrrr.... the first tym I heard it, I was like, "This is not like any of Suju's song." This is such a sweeeeeeeettttttttt song and I love it! I almost cry when I heard Eunhyuk's rapping. omg I miss his rap so much kyaaaaaaaa and he even sing in this! <3 my other half is awesome...

    I love the danceeeeee choreography (sempoi dan santai lol) and the smileyyy faces... (eeteuk looked a lil retarded tho mwahahhahaa)

    eunhae high five is soo love <3

    my hubby is in the center of the first pic. I squellllll like a kids when I the video started lol come to think of it, everyone gets equal line in this song except him! and shindong lol heechul even get to sing twice!

    everyone looks sooo good, clean and sweet! but but Ryeowook's hair was a big LOL

    for the first tym, I think Siwon looked hotter than just a greasy man harhar

    I havent listen to others yet, but I heard they're good too. shesh, sm like to put suju's awesome songs as a repackaged. why?

  2. @alia..hahaha..yeah alia!! no other bez semacam!! lagu lain bez gak!!

    oii..kutuk my wookie lak..isk3...

    hahaha..mmg! siwon bpk hot! hahahaahaa..suju hwaiting!!!

    @azra..thx for the mp3 and the wallpapers lawa gler!! dah wat desktop background dah..kekeke

  3. @alia - hahahha! cmne aku nk taw korg on? lol. it was at nite n chibi jst left, i realized i was all alone in the world so i thot i better start posting now, too much to post in first week of july wtf.

    @awin - haha rmbut ryeowook agk tebal dh skang lol. i dint hear them perform but i watched them, cuz my bros made me mute it ugh. tp lgu cm lgu newbie debut je xP haha excuse my critism haha. i thot it sounded like ukiss' newbie songs haha.

  4. nak tambah lagi, donghae sweet gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa. he makes me fall in love with him over and over again hahaha lol

    @awin - besh an, cam ntah sempoi, xde autotune, cm lagu american ade gak lol xde la

    btol la rmbt die lwk gila hahahha org len da ok, die je cm haha sian

    siwon hot la rmbt cmtuh, nmpk kurus hehe

    @azra - you were all alone haha ayat xleh bla. aku da ckp da we're gonna be so busy like heck and thats why aku rase patot amek cowriter lol tp skrg xyah la :P

    ukiss song? not young? haha xla, cuba x mute XD serius sdp telinga mendengar haha

  5. x mse tgk uh, my brothers mute kn tp mmg dh dga byk2 kali, i even put it on my phone yg xleh handle more than 20 songs haha.

    lgu die cm klaka, dunno if its suju that way, haha yeah like not young vibe haha.


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