24 July 2010

FT Island Brand-New Days! Treasure PV + [Tracklist]

Jaejin on the seal..? still LOL

Again on the late train cause I've been so busy & not in the moods. Five Treasure Island released their precious Brand-New Days 2nd Major Japanese Single on July 14th! Summer time was what was used to describe this album, but I feel its just a lighter feeling of rock. In a good way of course!

Two PVs were released for this album instead of 1 like in their last Flower Rock single. One for Brand-New Days their feature song & Treasure, the heartfelt "for Primadonnas & our bond" song. Everyone's favorite seems to have gravitated to Treasure PV as all 5 members sing in this!

Treasure PV:

Read more for PVs!

Brand-New Days PV:

Minhwan's & Seunghyun's parts are the cuuuutessst in Treasure, my favorite part is Minani's actually lol. I like Treasure because its so family oriented, airy, peaceful, fresh in the world thing, very lovely. Its so sweet, I almost teared up watching this PV 10 times, bringing along my happy tears..

Brand-New Days of course is written by uri Song Seunghyun, that kid really, he's a new FTI member but he's already on a roll. Not to mention he was the hottest thing in the PV haha, but he shows his weirdness when he points out to the camera haa, what to do? He's Seunghyun.

1 - Brand New Days
2 - Music Life
3 - Treasure
4 - Brand New Days (inst.)

Panda says: FT Island is still rocking their way out! It feels as they've started anew in this rock-trend, whether happy or melancholy. They should call the album Happy Rock, after the Flower Rock haha. I'm lovin it, will you? If you don't believe me, take a listen yourself!

Uhh.. concept pics? Well I've already posted the album pics in the other posts. but look out for an upcoming post, its potentially hillarious =P.

Good news is after their Japanese promotion & tour finishes up in August, the boys are hyped to get back to Korea! They've been itching to perform for their comeback album & I can't waitt.. X)


  1. xabes2 mention pasal jaejin and the seal lol

    yeahhh baru wat post nih XD

    ape beza pv ngan mv? haha

  2. haha wat? its still funny to me lol.

    haha yeah i always take long wit fti, sbb the day the pvs comes out smgt2 nak bwat, but the albums take foreverrr to come out cuz its japanese. korean albums are easier to get. haih very happy im done! Xp

    i dont really kno, but i thk PVs are for japanese.

  3. hahaha..owhh..sdp2..but i like treasure more lahh..bez2!! hahaa..

    byk nye new songs!! tgh bz nk dwlding new songs ni..aduhhh..desperate..kah3..

    thnx azra~! :)

  4. haha welcome! yeah loads more ppl like treasure more. lol i like treasure a lot too lol.

    yeah totally so many songs out now, but all from like random people lol


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