12 July 2010

ZE:A - Level Up [Teasers + Comeback Performance]

Why Dongjun is always at the center??? hahaa..Yeahh!! Let's race!!~

ZE:A is comeback with a new single titled Level Up..Their concept now are becoming the car racers plus with their new looks and muscular body..hahahaa..ZE:A already unleashed their teasers..1st and 2nd versions..I don't know when the full MV will be released..Tension je.. :( So, I just put the teasers here okayh along with their comeback performance!

*UPDATE: So it seems that the day of shooting the MV it was raining heavily (which already made the road really slippery and difficult for ZE:A to drive on). Later on they found that the footage for the MV had been ruined by the rain and therefore would not be released. Ugh tough luck fellas, I was so looking forward to seeing this awesome concept and their marvelous effort! -aox

Cred: thailandsonymusic

Watch their comeback performance on Music Bank last week before..Wohooo~

Cred: rainiey531

Okayh! I like this song! Love the racer concept..the boys look matured now and very charisma!! Wahhh..I like their new hairstyles!! I got to see their faces more clearly..Hyungsik is soo handsome by the way..firstly I didn't get who he is..he was cute before but now he is handsome okayh..hahahaa..

Siwan's hair?? hahaa..Cute hair..Heechul is always my favourite!! Waaahhh..Junyoung,the leader, is lead the vocal right..All Day song also he got the most part..but Mazeltov he got the less part..He becomes more hotter and famous recently..hahaha..

ZE:A members are HOT!! Love and please support them :)

Still didn't get who is who?? Check out ZE:A's profile HERE..hehehe..

Level up.mp3
Level up (Inst.).mp3

Level up.rar

Ermmm...Tetiba terasa rajin..Their jacket photos below!! ahhh..

Junyoung and Dongjun








Cred: allkpop


  1. yay!! awin got this out! XD i moved the names a little so it fits, if u dont mind.

    yeah!! the teasers are so damn hot haha. thnx for the pics! i luv the group ones.

    i kno rite hyungshik ttbe je hot?? lol so cool. i loooooovee the concept its so fresh! but the song is okay lol.

    my minwooo!! so cute, i love him haha how many times can i say love in this comment?
    but siwan wats up wit ur hair homie?? T.T it looks like a coconut.. xP.

    ah xyh ckp lg psal joonhyung & dongjun haha. they are totally getting famous and they are just smokinnn lol

  2. hahaha..owhh yahh..smlm dah pening wat post nih..byk sgt benda nak wat..hahahaa...

    haha..yeah,me 2!! the group photos one are cool..love2 gak!!

    wakakakkaa..minwoo mmg cute from the 1st lg..tau x pe..pelik gler rmbut siwan..dah x nmmpk cute laa siwan now..hahaha..

    yeahh!! joonyoung n dongjun!! <3 ZE:A!!

  3. lol i forgot to say kwanghee got super hot too! xP. ooh so its taehun yg dyed his hair all crazy colors like that lol. i thot it was like heechul's twin lol.

    yeah im startin to like the song, but its weird, i love the vocals whoever's sexy voice that is hahaha. but its weird in the middle they have a v-kei jrock riff in the middle so random lol

  4. xtahan gle gmbr! hotness overload!!!! smarttttt~ jom amek gmbr cmnh hahhahahaha cool gle concept!!! isk nape la suju xde gmbr cmnh, kalo x da lame wat wallpaper XD hurmm kalo dorg rempit un comel gak lol

    ha dorg tukar rambut lg. nasib baek laen2. yeay sng sket nak bezakan, good job zea

    lagu dorg un cam besh. tapi kalo ganas lg, lagi beshhh hahaha

  5. lol wait alia! who do you mean?? amik gmba org lain yg hot ke amik gmba kte?? =S

    hahaha rempit?? wat are you talking aboutt!!! =.= lol. id thk suju was crazy if they did rempit omygosh id go nuts not particularly in a good way haha.

    yeah i thk if it was harsher in their voices, they need command in their voice! then itd be totally awesome. but i thk level up is pretty cool, very catchy, miss miss ...

  6. amek gmbr kte la hahahahha hot ape hahahah

    hahaha i mean motorbyk concept, ok i dont know hows rempit looks like anyway lol

    their voice is so sweet. ade part yg aku rase cm nk lompat, nak nari, terstop sbb dorg nye suara lembut sgt hahah

  7. lupe nak ckp, waves waves~ HOT! hahahahahha addicted owh part tuh XD


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