26 August 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110826]

Congratulations again to Super Junior for their 3rd consecutive win on Music Bank today! Indeed, they also have won on M!Countdown for 3 weeks in a row..

1. Super Junior - Mr. Simple
2. T-ara - Roly Poly
3. SISTAR - So Cool
4. Miss A - Good Bye Baby
5. 2NE1 - Ugly
6. Leessang - Turned Off The TV (Ft.Tasha and kwon jung yeol of 10cm) [NEW]
7. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
8. Infinite - Be Mine
9. Homme - Man Should Laugh
10. CS Numbers - Cry Out With My Heart
11. Secret - Starlight Moonlight
12. Dal Shabet - Bling Bling
13. Seo In Guk - Shake It Up
14. MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
15. 10cm - 안아줘요 (Give Me A Hug) [NEW]
16. Rain - 부산여자 (Busan Girl) [NEW]
17. Hyuna (4minute) - Bubble Pop
18. Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park - 사람, 사랑 (Love, love)
19. Bang Yong Guk - I Remember (Ft. Yoseob of BEAST)
20. Rumble Fish - 사랑해요 사랑해요 (I Love You I Love You)

Argghh, the streaming line was so bad. I missed #20 and #7. I'll add them tonight okay..

List of performers on 26th August 2011 :-

U-Kiss's "Neverland" MV Teaser!

U U U Kiss were going to be making a comeback on September 1st?? Who's excited?! Me, of course! Wee~ They gonna release their 2nd album in a few days and I'm really looking forward for their songs. Yesterday, they released their MV teaser for "Neverland" :)

cred: ukiss2008

They look tougher and more masculine for this album concept. Why is Kevin looks so handsome here? I like his new hair! Eli too!! Hahahaha.. The main vocal, Soohyun waaa~ I can't wait for the full MV ^^

23 August 2011

G.NA - Top Girl MV + Mini Album [Tracklist]

Yeah, i'm a top girl!

G.NA is back! Wee~ After 4minute, A Pink, and BEAST's had successfully made their came back promotions, now it's time for the "Top Girl" from CUBE; G.NA to rock you in all music shows! =D

Cred: gnaofficial

Indeed, she's a top girl! Hahaha, I really like her ^^ One of my favourite female singer! She has a great voice when singing in ballad too. Ahhh, CUBE family <3

01 Top Girl
02 Banana (Feat. Swings, JC지은)
03 싫어 (I Hate You)
04 Without You
05 Icon

What an awesome mini album! Thumbs up for G.NA! =D

21 August 2011

K-Pop Concerts Outside of Asia 2011!

Tired of watching K-Pop idols perform on tv and not in front of you? Sad because you don't live in South Korea and cannot meet your favorite stars? Well I've got something to cheer you up with!

This post is for all the K-pop lovers out there who don't necessarily live in an Asian country and have been missing out on the awesome showcases and concerts that K-pop stars are always having in countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan.

This post can also be for the asian K-pop supporters who aren't living in Asia during this year. I hope you guys will be happy about the love some countries in North America, Europe and Oceania are having for South Korea's best! You can now look out for concerts near you this year. You might be suprised with who's on the list!


3rd - "CONCERT FOR JAPAN" Earthquake & Tsunami Relief in Toronto, CANADA

Where: Downsview Park
When: 12pm

Watch out! FT Island is ready to rock Toronto! On the 3rd of September set as "Rock Day", as one of the 2-day benefit. Show your support for the unlucky happenings in Japan and to see FT Island perform there would be really fitting since FT Island has been extremely famous in their japanese promotions!

Wow, why couldn't FTI come to Canada when I was there?? T-T Toronto kids are really lucky *-*

Source: http://concertforjapan.org/home/

20 August 2011

Nine Muses - Figaro MV + Comeback Performances

What do you do think of when you first hear the word figaro? Well, I think of Mozart and Beethoven, all that random classical music but "Figaro" from Nine Muses is far from it. The girls are back this time as a 7-member sub-unit though because the two oldest members Rana & Bini have left the team to pursue individual stuff. The group will add new members after their promotions.

Nevertheless the group is carrying on with now the high-end retro concept and the song is like a completely retro song. Why is this the concept for most groups this year?? At first I did think they resembled Rainbow a bit, maybe because of the seven-ness and their tall-ness. But hey not many girl groups get to be called "model idols".

Figaro MV:


For Comeback performances & concept pics..

Bang Yong Guk (방용국) - I Remember (ft. Yoseob of B2ST) MV + Profile

The world of K-Pop has been keeping an eye on a certain rookie rapper by the name of Bang Yong Guk! At first I didn't think his name would be memorable, but its quite easy to remember actually. This boy was a trainee under TS Entertainment, same as SECRET, and he featured in Song Ji Eun's "Going Crazy".

I really like this Bang Yong Guk's voice, its so rough but totally different from his lovable face. His rap used to remind me of how Eminem styles his raps but hehe lets not get too carried away. I Remember is a song about a guy who still remembers his past love even if she doesn't. It features B2ST's Yoseob and I think that was a very smart choice!

*Caution* a lot of blood and shooting in the MV but I don't think its anything you guys can't handle. I like the actor in the MV but haha I don't really think the lady suits him she looks sort of .. promiscuous? well I think she's suppose to be anyways =p.

I Remember MV:


Bang Yong Guk says he appreciates all the attention he's getting from his solo project, and can't wait for future promotions to come with him and his other group members from TS Entertainment! Wow another boy group to look out for I'm actually a bit excited for this one!

Read more for the tracklist and pictures! He's so adorable XD

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110819]

Arghh, sorry about not updating k-chart for weeks..

Yesterday on 19th August, our Mr. Simple; Super Junior won their 2nd straight K-Chart! Congratulation boys =D

1. Super Junior - Mr. Simple
2. T-ara - Roly Poly
3. 2NE1 - Ugly
4. SISTAR - So Cool [NEW]
5. Infinite - Be Mine
6. Miss A - Good Bye Baby
7. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
8. Hyuna (4minute) - Bubble Pop
9. MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
10. Homme - Man Should Laugh
11. Secret - Starlight Moonlight
12. Dal Shabet - Bling Bling [NEW]
13. Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park - 사람, 사랑 (Love, love) [NEW]
14. Jang Giha and the faces - Just Another Relationship
15. f(x) - Hot Summer
16. 2PM - Hands Up
17. Teen Top - Don't Wear Perfume
18. Brave Girls - Easily
19. Seo In Guk - Shake It Up [NEW]
20. Defconn - The Way Rappers Break Up Part 2 (With Girl's Day Min Ah)

List of performers on 19th August 2011 :-

14 August 2011

[PROFILE] Block B (블락비)

It's been a long time people!~~
(well, it's not long actually. I'm just lazy to update here only.)
Anyway, I'm here today to bring your house net down with Block B!

"안녕하세요, Do you Wanna B? Block B!"

Debuted on 15th April 2011, which mean this year! Lol! is the first K-pop Group with Hip-hop concept and one of the hottest rookies debuted this year. Managed under BrandnewStardom Entertainment and the kids are trained by Cho PD, this group is having their own unique charm that makes people fall for them as a group, individual or their music.

Fun fact: "Block B" is actually the short form for "Blockbuster"

This is one of the their songs that they are promoting called "Tell Them".


Shall we take a look each member in this group that being lead by ZICO, the leader who once have dreadlocks hairstyle and their producer too?

Click "Read More" shall we? :D

09 August 2011

SISTAR - So Cool (쏘쿨) MV + 1st Album's Tracklist

SISTAR is back! Weee~~

We're mighty SISTAR!

SISTAR is finally released their own 1st full-length album titled "So Cool". They has just released the full MV for their comeback track, "So Cool". Whenever I hear about SISTAR, that song "Ma Boy" by SISTAR19 (Hyorin+Bora) is keep playing in my head. Oh ma boyyy~~

Cred: starshipTV

Haaa, the song is good! Some part of the dances will probably get banned. Hahaha. They are too sexy XD hahahaha. Eh? @1:22; that guy is the director of 'Dark Blood' in Secret Garden, isn't?

The album is "So Cool"! [Tracklist]

01 Let's Get The Party Started [NEW]
02 So Cool (쏘쿨) [NEW]
03 Girls Do It [NEW]
04 Follow Me [NEW]
05 New World [NEW]
06 약한 남자 싫어 (No Weak Man)
07 니까짓게 (How Dare You)
08 Over
09 Oh Baby
10 가식걸 (Shady Girl)
11 Push Push
12 Ma Boy (Special Ver.)

5 new songs! ^^ Go SISTAR!

Some of their concept pictures for the album :-

07 August 2011

United Cube (4Minute & BEAST & G.NA) Perform "Fly So High"

Cube Entertainment, the record label that’s home to talented artists such as 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA have perform together with an exclusive special stage performance of their family song, “Fly So High” on today’s SBS’s Inkigayo! The song is for their family concert which will be held on August 14th. I'm so jealous for those who are going to the concert :( waaaa~

Why so short? Hahaha. I want more.. I'm so happy to see all of them~! I almost crying listening to this song. BEASSTTTTTTTTTT Kikwang's smile  4MINUTE & G.NA!!! I'm so proud of them =D

Also included are their short individual performances :)

Good Morning Bob! Ep 5 in Singapore!

yes adorable..

Good Morning Bob strikes again! Previously episodes 1 & 2 in Thailand, then episodes 3 & 4 in Hong Kong. With its 5th episode, Song Seunghyun of FT Island continues his 4-dimensional, somewhat disturbed streak!

Director: Choi Minhwan
Starring: Song Seunghyun
Set: Singapore
Language: Engrish/Konglish

While the boys were attending to a concert in Singapore Seunghyun of course feels the need to do something out of the ordinary in his very own hotel room. Ah he's so cute! Here's subtitles for his amazing engrish... that (I think) has gotten better! Behold, I give you..


Hahaha is there anything to say really? He's just so weird that I love him to bits, and yes I can't believe that is Seunghyun lol. I can't wait for more future episodes =p!

06 August 2011

Jay Park in "Mr. Idol" K-Movie [Trailer]

Okayy so the first thing I saw when I looked at this poster of "Mr. Idol" wasn't Jay Park haha. I think the lead actor has a rockin set of six-packs and he looks like Lee Joon. Anyways, Jay Park is set to star in a this korean movie to hit theaters this October 2011.

This movie seems very interesting, as its about a 4-member fictional boyband called "Mr. Children", with of course Mr. Jay Park in it. Jaebum will be playing the role of "Jio" a sometimes hot-headed dude but still loyal member of the group.

The cast includes actor Ji Hyun Woo at the front of the poster will be playing the lead vocalist "Yujin", Kim Soo Ro as the CEO and Park Ye Jin as their producer. I've been itching to watch a korean movie lately, finally I can get a chance!

Mr. Idol - Trailer

Mr. Idol Cast on KBS Star Date

Sunny Hill's 기도 (Pray) MV & Single

Sunny Hill has finally released their 기도 (Pray) music video. They've been a great talent this year, with thought provoking lyrics and melodious beats. The story this time shows a mutant experiment caught my Misung and Jang Hyun of Sunny Hill, the rest are singing around though.

But *beware* this isn't the typical music video, if you're not good with graphical things then this mv is not for you. Heck MBC and KBS has banned it for humanitarian reasons or whatever rubbish they've come up with but I think its quite interesting. You can either check out the mv or just listen to it, the song is very beautiful.


05 August 2011

Sunny Hill (써니힐) Profile

Five-member group Sunny Hill (써니힐) is picking up their momentum in the year 2011! After their hot comeback with Midnight Circus this year Sunny Hill is ready to continue with more tracks to come! With the recent release of their newest single track 기도 (Pray) let's get to know what talent these guys have to offer!

Sunny Hill debuted as a 3-member group on September 21, 2007 under Nega Network, one guy Jang Hyun and two girls Jubi and Seung Ah. This is where they met the Brown Eyed Girls. When the group added another girl member Kota, Sunny Hill featured in Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha's Mamma Mia, song and music video. Misung later joined the group, when they switched to LOEN Entertainment and transformed a little for Midnight Circus mini album!


2007.09 ~ Love Letter -1st Single Album
2007.11 ~ 너니까 (Because of You) - Digital Single
2008.07 ~ 내가 여름이다 (I Am Summer) - 2nd Single Album
2009.04 ~ 너는 모르지 (You Don't Know) - Digital Single
2011.06 ~ Midnight Circus - 1st Mini Album

Good Merit Award (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
2007 Cyworld Rookie of the Month

04 August 2011

Park Jungmin's Trailer for "Love Song in August" J-Drama

Not too many of us know about this but our sexy charisma from SS501 Park Jung Min is about to star in a new japanese dorama titled LISMO "Love Song in August"! Congrats for Jung Min I really didn't know his japanese was so good, but funny thing is he'll be playing the superstar "Park Jung Min" as his character, yes himself haha, but speaking japanese!!

Omo Jung Min's japanese is soooo cute, its like one of those hot voices you hear on the good-looking animes haha, even though he goes for an older lady, the lady actually seems cute and I might just watch this drama because of how sweet & cute Jung Min is! Check out the trailer (subbed)!


02 August 2011

2PM - I'm Your Man PV

Ceyh, the PV was out 2 days ago. I was too late..

I'm your man, please believe me..

2PM's new Japanese song! Watch their video below :

Cred: coverpages

Yeah, you are my man, I believe you. Mwahaha. It should be great if they sing in korean as their comeback song instead of "Hands Up". Huhu. Love the song and their dances! JYP never disappointed me ^^ Good luck in Japan 2PM!!

Super Junior Releases "Mr. Simple" Teasers + MV!

I know nowadays ELF are stronger than before! ELFs, Seorijulleohhh!! Super Junior are back with the 5th Album, "Mr.Simple".

Weird '=.=

Having been teased us with every members concept pictures, the MV teasers for their title track, "Mr. Simple" has finally been revealed! Their clothes look weird to me. Hahah.

Teaser #1

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