17 May 2011

[MV] SISTAR 19 - Ma Boy

Hey girls, We got you back, we got your ba-ba-back~~
That's what SISTAR 19 said for their newest songs.

SISTAR 19 is one of sub unit for girl group SISTAR, which Bora and Hyorin in it. :)

They are currently promoting 'Ma Boy'.
From my POV, gosh, they both are so awesome!! (how could they do such gorgeous wave?!!!) And good job again to Brave Brothers for giving this song to them. :D

The song is addicted!! Listen and watch how smexy beautiful, and sweet their dance and lyrics are.



  1. Waaaa..sexy dowh wave tuhh!!! hahahaha...lagu mmg terbaik laa!! Bora cantik!! hahahha..

  2. first tym tgk kat mb cm woah, wave dorg... gle xleh bla. da la tym tuh pakai aju render2 so ble wat wave render tuh wave skali hahahaha lwk2.

    tapi besh ar, tarian power. lagu besh. suara hyorin mmg mantap haha

    asal 19 eh? XD

  3. hahaha.. sexayyy gler wave wave!! :D
    and lagu lagu!!
    Huhuhu.. dorunk cakap 19 uh because umor.. or actually pasal.. sexy gler dance?? XDD
    Dunno!! ak Bukan company yg buat grup dorunk. XD Haha!!

  4. oh, allkpop: They said, “Many people think the 19 means something rated R”, but then clarified that, “It’s actually because ‘Ma Boy’ is about a girl who has fallen in love as she turned 19, the age between being a girl and an adult.”

    hahaha really? our age? fallen in love? age between a girl and an adult. ohhh i'm feeling special now hahaha

  5. hahaha..yeke alia???? mcm btol laaa...hahahhaa..

  6. huauauuuauauuu
    so sexy girls~


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