24 May 2011

FT Island "Hello Hello" MV & 3rd Mini Album "RETURN"

This is my baby love~

HELLO HELLO! Okay screaming and shredding of hair starts now!! FT ISLAND has comeback to Korea with their full mv finally! The whole 3rd mini album "RETURN" is has already launched ha~ha~ha.

The music video is about a fire in New York city. I think everyone is gonna enjoy this one, such a difference! And they look better than ever. *drool* I fell in love with FTI again since now I can hear Hongki's raspy voice that I used to love so much.

FT Island has finally dabbled in the indie genre as well as alternative rock for this track and the rest of the album, so so so good you will die. Weee~ now enjoy! Super HD pics and tracklist after the cut.

FT ISLAND - Hello Hello MV:

Didn't I tell you! I think the boys have improved so much. Jaejin on that truck is just heaven, I love that he's changed his hair again and Hongki's hair is so cooly normal haha. But ah~! Minhwan's lips to me are irresistable check out 3:28 he's too cute!

I don't really get the ending to this mv, I dunno if Hongki died or what haha I dunno why I always think some one has to die at the end of the mv.. But so sweet I think Hongki went inside to save his teammates awww...

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01. Hello Hello
02. Oh
03. 널 갖겠다 (I'm Going to Have You)
04. 고백합니다 (I Will Confess)
05. Sunshine Girl

Panda says: Of course I love Hello Hello, its so versatile. This time I applaud FTI's experimenting in expanding their rock genre, I practically love the whole album! Okay no I'm not being biased am I? But I say all of them is worth a listen, cuz I think it's a big improvement from Beautiful Journey album. I always appreciate Hongki getting better at english catchphrases and the boys even wrote songs for this album especially leadja Jonghun! Just have fun listening to it!

Concept Pics

- Awesomest Fire Vocals

Jaejin - Bringin Sexy Goat back

Minhwan - Hot Baby Chicken Drummer

Jonghun - Smokin Hot Lead Guitar

Seunghyun - aigoo 4-D Triple Threat


  1. HAHAHA rmbt seunghyun XD i love his part aaa~~ rap haha

    Jaejin on truck is just LOL hahahaha I laugh so hard XDDD

    yeah i dont get the mv, but I love the song!

    Everybody say La la la
    Everybody say Ha ha ha
    Everybody say Ta ta ta
    Everybody say Hello hello hello~

  2. hahahaa..yeah! xphm gak mv dia..tp lagu mmg best!

    Part Jaejin lawak laa..seunghyun's rap sikit je :(

    hahhaaa..overall, love the album too! <3 Rock

  3. @alia - haha yeah seunghyun his rap is quite funny but its like sorta cool at the same time xp/

    jaejin on the truck is ladsolfjalsfjoasjfof so hot!!! XD

    @awin - haha yeah i love the song. i was like hmm? why is only jaejin on the truck?? but i enjoyed that haha

  4. hello hello...
    nk nyibuk ckt..bole kan???
    x phm jgk mv die tp adr org ckp...
    hongki tu mcm roh yg x tenteram...
    dye slamatkn yg lain tp dye yg x slamat...
    tu yg kejadian tu ulang2...

    AozoraXoxO: lme x nmpk...myfti miss u ^^

  5. hi anonymous! haha i dnno ur name lah. but i miss you too if ur on myfti! XD

    ooh okay i see, paham kot yeah thats what i thot hongki mati hahaha. but thats sweet he saves his band XD


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