26 May 2011

B2ST/BEAST Releases Japanese Ver. for Bad Girl!

Down down we gotta get down~

Even though Beast is currently promoting their Fiction and Fact comeback in Korea, they are also working on their Japanese advancement as well. Back in April, they already debuted with Japanese version of Shock in Japan :) and now they continue to release another PV which is Bad Girl!~

Cred: beastofficial

I love their clothes! Beautiful and smart! They look very cool and I love the Japanese video one rather than Korean's. But, korean words suit the song very well. It's sounds weird when they are singing in Japanese, right??! hahahaha :p Well, I'm so excited that Beast is very popular in Japan! Weeeeee^^


  1. hahahah nmpk matang nyanyi lagu nih! hahaha

    dongwoon ngan yoseob handsome!!! doojoon pelik gle rmbt hahaha smart ar smua! baju smart, rmbt smart! haha

    ahah dongwoon suka buat gaya pegang kepale bajet seksi uh hahaha

    asal mv jepun smua mcm lbh kurg hahah

    lwk lirik jepun XD

  2. hahahaha..sume smart en!! waaa..

    ha'ah..dongwoon mmg bajet hot..mmg hot pun..time perf fiction un wat cmtu gak..tnjuk seksi..hahahaha..

    tu laa..sume jepun mcm sme sbb xde story line kot..dah tgk mblaq-your luv pv?? lg merepek..tp sume hensem kat situ..hahahaha..

    mcm x kena kan nynyi jepun?? x best la dgr..korea laa best!


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