14 May 2011

Beast - Fact Intro Movie

Beast is coming back with first full length album, Fiction on the 17th May 2011! I can't wait! My another current love <3

This is intro movie for the track, Fact. Like a teaser for the album. Actually I confuse which one is the title of the song and the title of the album, fact or fiction or fact and fiction. lol Anyway, I always love Beast songs! And this one is no exception! Love it tho it short. And I love how everyone get equals part in Beast =D Oh and Hyunseung's orange hair is daebak XD

PS: Beast is coming to Malaysia again! I wanna go.....


  1. menjerit2 tgk teaser ni!! serious best gler lagu ni!!! wahhh, ske nyer concept diorang mcm ni..weee, BEASTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~

    Hyunseung hot gler laa..yg lain style rmbut lebeyh kurang sme je..hahahahaha..Kikwang and Dongwoon <3

    YEAYYY!! bli album diorang..nk wat collection ni..keh3 XD

  2. awin, lagu dalam album pun lebih kurang cmne. slow melow haha xdgr btol2 lagi. tggu album je la XD

    Doojoon xtukar2 rmbt hakhak


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