23 May 2011

[FANACCOUNT] 2AM Live in Malaysia

So, how are you people?!
Are you enjoying last Friday and Saturday?
Or maybe.. did you already go to greet them at KLIA and bid them goodbye there too?

To watch my fancams for 2AM in Malaysia, please check in here. :))

Well, I, chibi, one of the admin is going to do the fanaccount while 2AM was here for almost 4 days. Let's story about the boys!!

Since they landed on 18th May 2011 in Malaysia, the 2AM fever has started on me. Well, because I've really stood so close to them when they exited the airport. I can even do hi-5 with them if there were no security guards around them. Funny part when greeted them when they arrived was the security people are more than the fans   number. And yes, as you can see, 2AM is friendly people. They do not mind the fans walking side by side, handshake and hugging them (maybe. lol). Anyway, the story for their arrival is done until here, or else I might rant so long that you can't keep up to read.

Click Read more.. and yerp with your own risk! :D

As you know, they went to Central Market after they landed, ate roti canai, drunk teh tarik, did batik. All pictures of their activities can be seen at Universal Music Malaysia's page. :))

And so, Friday is the day for the autograph session! :D And, chibi went to the event again. Lol! I would love to say all event organized this time were went smoothly. I love the crowds the most. And yeah, the people who participated in the games are well talented. :)) And yerp, Digi & Universal gave us free 2AM Special Limited Edition!!

Look at me! LOL!

swoon by Jinwoon's nice picture! :D

The highlight for the autograph session is that I stood near Seul Ong's side. (although it's far from everything you see.)

Oh when I went on the stage, I braved myself to look at them, without looking away just like I did with U-Kiss. And it was worth it. I looked and said hi to Changmin, and he's one of the four who looked at me clearly with smile (pandang tepat okay.). And later, I looked at Jo Kwon, saying happy birthday by accident and clearly corrected my words later on, which made the Kkap Kwon blur (poor akak behind me since Kwon was blur mode after me.), and I have Jinwoon, maknae who smiled, said hi and later busy with signing. lol. And last but not least, Seul Ong. I know how many people are swoon looking at him. Well, I'm not swoon.. But I was charmed by his smiling eyes. God knows how I want to scream at him saying, "Beautiful eyes ever!!". The eyes like crescent moon that laid down. Anyway, that's it.. and I went down to stage.

Best thing ever: I parked at the same basement 2AM's van parked! Gosh, if i could wait.. JUST a bit. I would see 2AM all by myself (with another two friends). I hate myself. TT^TT

Next would be the meet & greet session, as well as the showcase. It was long day to see 2AM boys again eventhough I was one of the earliest who could see them via meet & greet session. Let's start with meet & greet thingy. Read with your own risk! *the words might be cheesy and so marshmallow this next paragraph*

As soon as I stepped into the hall, I saw four charming guys in white suits were waiting for us on the stage. Looking so *sparkling sparkling* even from far, I approached them with other people. As I've been seeing 2AM twice in upclose, (kinda get bored seeing the same people too many times. LOL) I was so calm greeting them (except when I saw Jo kwon, I burst in laugh.. remembering yesterday.) and I went ahead to very furthest people. I went to Jinwoon place!! I stood in front of him (might be in front of Kwon too), and yesh, picture with him. I know my 2nd picture was nerve wrecking as I could see my hand trembled. (Hopefully maknae doesn't see my hand trembles. XD)

Soon they finished with capturing pictures, I turned to look at behind (wanting to say thanks only) and saw a girl shook hand with Jinwoon. Automatically, my hand went in "wanna shake hand with you" mode with Jinwoon.

And okay, the disappointment starts here... Only, few millimeters separated our hand..(seriously close enough if i grab his hand.) , the guard stopped him (HIM!! HIM!! Not me!! The hell!!!Saper artist skunk? -.-) from shook hands with me. He was taken aback and I just smiled at him and waited his reply before stepping down the stage. Well, I was kinda happy, satisfied (because Jinwoon made effort to shake hands) and bit mad (of course with guards. They treated like we gonna scratch 2AM. -.-). Again, funny part:- since I wore something I rarely wear, I jumped around to at least ease the pain. I can see that when I glanced on the stage, the boys looked at me,(weirdly. maybe my imagination) . Anyway, thanks to Digi for picking me as one of M&G winner. :))

And soon the showcase started, too many to say. There's singing part. Games part which makes all the fans went chaotic. :P Serenade part too which all girls went wild to say "NOOO!!!". If you're getting a vid that time, I would say.. you can hear clearly the girls went "GTYU(@OJ". Mostly because Jinwoon was hugging too many people. XDD (and I think he loves to hug girls.. when his hyung.. rarely hugged them cept Seul Ong. LOL). The boys sing live for sure.

The video footage they make while the boys took a break were so funny! XD And the vids have too many maknae maknae love!!

And yeah, we have birthday surprise for three of them as Changmin, Jinwoon, Seul Ong have birthday in same month. They were really excited hearing the fans singing and yeah, the cake! They can't believe seeing the cake that Jo Kwon, the leader asked Changmin whether the cake is ok or not. ANd of course, Changmin took a bit with his fingers and said, "oh, it's tasty" in Korean. Lol!

Anyway, the most highlighted part for me is that.. Jinwoon (as if) stared at my camera for 5 seconds. I got maknae line fate maybe.XD Okay, that's all I would like to say.

Changmin is good in English. Seul Ong have contagious smiling eyes. Jo Kwon has flawless white milky skin. And Jinwoon got contagious smiling eyes, smiles, and lol the height!!

Officially, in love with Jinwoon and Seul Ong. Two tallest guys in 2AM!!

To watch my fancams for 2AM in Malaysia, please check in here. :)) There's more to update on. :P

okay now, bye!! :DD


  1. haha chibiii jealuz gleee haha but that sounds awesome, im glad u had good "opportunities" to touch them haha. and it sounds like loads of fun haha super nice!

  2. hahahah dorang nyanyi bape lagu? korg jerit2 ke ape spnjg dorg nyanyi? kan lagu slow?


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