30 May 2011

B2ST/BEAST On A Guerilla Date!

Yeah yeah yeah! BEAST again! hahahaa.I can't control myself when it comes to BEAST! I feel like wanna tell everything, everyday about them. huhuh ;)

Wahh, so many fans ^^

They recently were the special guests on the Guerrilla Date corner of KBS 2TV’s "Entertainment Relay". KBS 2TV is only aired in Korea right? So, I don't know when this episode will be aired on KBS World TV, hrmm, maybe in the next week's episode of Entertainment Weekly. I hope so :) I want to know what our BEAST is saying and laughing at! hahaha

Cred: kbsworld

Kyaaa~ I'm so jealous with that girl! She hugged all the boys of BEAST! Huh! The boys also played some side games on the street. I don't know what was the name of the game. Strength of a punch? hahahaa. Doojon's woww Daebak!! The strongest and sweetest guy ever! hahaha =D and lastly, they had a lunch with MC and I don't know what they were talking about! I got the first question only..

MC: Who's the member that spend the less money
Everyone points at KK where KK points at JH
DJ: Its Kikwangie.
KK: Yeah, other than the activities and schedules, I usually stay at home.
YS: No economical activities.

Haha. I thought Kikwang could be the member that spend the most money! He seems like to have fun and shopping. Btw, he is so an innocent guy! and e has a very sweet smile. That's why I like him :)) hehe..

p/s: BEAST's members are very nice, sweet, and caring toward their fans. I'm so proud to be one of the B2UTIES ^^


  1. comel gila aaaaaaaa doojoon peluk fan boy hahahaha yang satu soalan yang smua org tunjuk junhyunh da taw an huhu

  2. hahaha..haa, tu laa..doojoon sgt baik! hahahhaa..ntahlaa..x igt dahh..soklan pe eh??

  3. ape ntah kalo ade gf, sape nak ngaku? smua tnjk kat junhyung. pas2 mc uh kate, ngaku la hari nih, die kate not today. pas2 doojoon cam woooo hahaha maknanye ada la? lol

  4. hahahahhaa..serious??!! noooooooo..sedeyh nyer klo beast ade gf!!! hahahahaha..xleh terima skang! HAHAHAHA..


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