20 August 2011

Bang Yong Guk (방용국) - I Remember (ft. Yoseob of B2ST) MV + Profile

The world of K-Pop has been keeping an eye on a certain rookie rapper by the name of Bang Yong Guk! At first I didn't think his name would be memorable, but its quite easy to remember actually. This boy was a trainee under TS Entertainment, same as SECRET, and he featured in Song Ji Eun's "Going Crazy".

I really like this Bang Yong Guk's voice, its so rough but totally different from his lovable face. His rap used to remind me of how Eminem styles his raps but hehe lets not get too carried away. I Remember is a song about a guy who still remembers his past love even if she doesn't. It features B2ST's Yoseob and I think that was a very smart choice!

*Caution* a lot of blood and shooting in the MV but I don't think its anything you guys can't handle. I like the actor in the MV but haha I don't really think the lady suits him she looks sort of .. promiscuous? well I think she's suppose to be anyways =p.

I Remember MV:


Bang Yong Guk says he appreciates all the attention he's getting from his solo project, and can't wait for future promotions to come with him and his other group members from TS Entertainment! Wow another boy group to look out for I'm actually a bit excited for this one!

Read more for the tracklist and pictures! He's so adorable XD


01 I Remember (With 양요섭 of B2ST)
02 I Remember (Inst.)


Doesn't he look like such a sweetheart? Fudge! I think I have a thing for k-pop rappers =O



Name: Bang Yong Guk (방용국)
also goes by "Jepp blackman" or "Jepp"
Birthdate: 31/3/1990
Height: 182cm

- His debut single was 벚꽃/cherry flower.
- Will debut in a boy group in the second half of 2011.
- Featured in Song Ji Eun's song Going Crazy.
- A TS trainee and is a member of an underground group called Soul Connection.
- Joined Soul Connection in 2008.

With BEAST's Yoseob =D


  1. yayy!! I loveee himmm! time dia rap ngan ji eun cool gila!!

    hahaha..i thot i nk wat psal dia tp mv dia cmni plak x jadi nk wat..macho gila suara dia! haha..

    ahhh, yoseob's voice <3 kan best klo yoseob features gak dlm mv ni..huuu

  2. eyhh..i added his profile tau! hahaha..

    1990! Weee~ 182cm??! WOWWW!!

  3. haha yeah klw yoseob was in the mv too would be cool i think haha. omg thnx awin! i thot of putting his profile jgak, tp ntah igt tngu die debut dgn his band haha. oh well yeah i like him a lot! so tall XD


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