07 August 2011

United Cube (4Minute & BEAST & G.NA) Perform "Fly So High"

Cube Entertainment, the record label that’s home to talented artists such as 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA have perform together with an exclusive special stage performance of their family song, “Fly So High” on today’s SBS’s Inkigayo! The song is for their family concert which will be held on August 14th. I'm so jealous for those who are going to the concert :( waaaa~

Why so short? Hahaha. I want more.. I'm so happy to see all of them~! I almost crying listening to this song. BEASSTTTTTTTTTT Kikwang's smile  4MINUTE & G.NA!!! I'm so proud of them =D

Also included are their short individual performances :)

The girls are so hot! Omoo I can't stop smiling watching BEAST's dances. Huhu. I think the cameraman has crush on Kikwang hahahaha. I love these boys!! I didn't have a chance yet to see any U-Cube family live with my eyes :'( I wish I can go to their concert someday.

Credit to  4everB2STkpopgirL and CrazyCarrot370 @ youtube


  1. woooowwww....amazing perfomance!!!cube family look awesome...=)..luv jonghyun yoseob n ga yoon....neomu neomu chowo !!

  2. yeahh! they're my fav! hahaha..
    eh? jonghyun?? Do u mean Junhyung? huhu XD

  3. awinn i cannot seee T-T video not there..

  4. @aox- haha..ok, dah letak the new one! bad quality tp ade eng sub! weee~

  5. oh thnx! aww yeah they are so cute singing together like that, and they were all said to be "reject" idols not anymore they are totally awesome in the own way!! XD + joonhyung is hot yay.

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