02 August 2011

Super Junior Releases "Mr. Simple" Teasers + MV!

I know nowadays ELF are stronger than before! ELFs, Seorijulleohhh!! Super Junior are back with the 5th Album, "Mr.Simple".

Weird '=.=

Having been teased us with every members concept pictures, the MV teasers for their title track, "Mr. Simple" has finally been revealed! Their clothes look weird to me. Hahah.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Wahh, glad to see they are wearing nice clothes. Huhuh. Omoo, Ryeowook ah! You look so handsome now :) The teaser's song is very nice, Yesung's voice yeah!

The 2nd teaser is kindda scary..Hahaha..

Full MV will be out tomorrow!

Bwara Mr. Simple, Simple.. Hahaha, it sounds like Sorry,sorry plus Bonamana. Nevermind lah, I can see my Ryeowook there! hehehe ^^ I hope SM will produce a great song with different genre in future for Suju!

Cred to SMTOWN @ youtube

1 comment:

  1. @the picture concept - what did u put on my kyuhyun?!?! whyyyyyyy

    @the teasers - ok now u guys look all hot =.= whyy


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