07 August 2011

Good Morning Bob! Ep 5 in Singapore!

yes adorable..

Good Morning Bob strikes again! Previously episodes 1 & 2 in Thailand, then episodes 3 & 4 in Hong Kong. With its 5th episode, Song Seunghyun of FT Island continues his 4-dimensional, somewhat disturbed streak!

Director: Choi Minhwan
Starring: Song Seunghyun
Set: Singapore
Language: Engrish/Konglish

While the boys were attending to a concert in Singapore Seunghyun of course feels the need to do something out of the ordinary in his very own hotel room. Ah he's so cute! Here's subtitles for his amazing engrish... that (I think) has gotten better! Behold, I give you..


Hahaha is there anything to say really? He's just so weird that I love him to bits, and yes I can't believe that is Seunghyun lol. I can't wait for more future episodes =p!


  1. haha... he got a good pronounce of english... and he's funny~

  2. haha i thk so! his english pronounciation is better than before haha im so glad u dont thk he's weird haha


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