06 August 2011

Sunny Hill's 기도 (Pray) MV & Single

Sunny Hill has finally released their 기도 (Pray) music video. They've been a great talent this year, with thought provoking lyrics and melodious beats. The story this time shows a mutant experiment caught my Misung and Jang Hyun of Sunny Hill, the rest are singing around though.

But *beware* this isn't the typical music video, if you're not good with graphical things then this mv is not for you. Heck MBC and KBS has banned it for humanitarian reasons or whatever rubbish they've come up with but I think its quite interesting. You can either check out the mv or just listen to it, the song is very beautiful.


01 - 기도 (Pray)
02 - 기도 (Pray) [inst.]


  1. I really like Sunny Hill's MV. They have awesome MVs both for Midnight Circus and this one. Their MVs are pretty creepy yet memorable.

  2. haha yeah i think so too, i REALLY LOVED midnight circus mv, if i had to pick an mv for what ive seen in my entire life i'd pick that as the best so far. pray i thk is so creepy haha but i love the song yeah =D


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