06 August 2011

Jay Park in "Mr. Idol" K-Movie [Trailer]

Okayy so the first thing I saw when I looked at this poster of "Mr. Idol" wasn't Jay Park haha. I think the lead actor has a rockin set of six-packs and he looks like Lee Joon. Anyways, Jay Park is set to star in a this korean movie to hit theaters this October 2011.

This movie seems very interesting, as its about a 4-member fictional boyband called "Mr. Children", with of course Mr. Jay Park in it. Jaebum will be playing the role of "Jio" a sometimes hot-headed dude but still loyal member of the group.

The cast includes actor Ji Hyun Woo at the front of the poster will be playing the lead vocalist "Yujin", Kim Soo Ro as the CEO and Park Ye Jin as their producer. I've been itching to watch a korean movie lately, finally I can get a chance!

Mr. Idol - Trailer

Mr. Idol Cast on KBS Star Date


  1. wowwww!! i nmpk yg lead actor! x prasan pon de jay park! HAHAHAH..mcm best je citer ni! psal idols =D

    yeahh!! nk tgk kmovie je gak skang ni!

    I love kim su ro btw! hahaha

  2. haha yeah i know rite, the guys is so tall and stuff. i thk the guy in secret garden & you've fallen for me might be in the band too! gil lime's friend from action school haha i like that guy he's cute and funny.

    haha u love kim soo ro? ajusshi tu? i igt from that drama master of study je haha.

  3. Ohhh..yg sunbae gil raim eh?? waa, comel2!! hahhaah..

    hahah..yupp2!! lawak laa dia..tgk Family Comes Here kat astro ONE..

  4. yeah!! i love that gil raim's sunbae, and he's in "You've Fallen For Me" drama too XD

    ahh i wish i had astro one hahaha nnti confem xtutup tv xp


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