30 July 2011

ZE:A - Heart For 2 Short MV + Performance @ Music Bank

ZE:A have already started promoting their follow-up track, "Heart For 2". I love this song! It's so much better than "Watch Out". They should make this song as their comeback song earlier. Haa,Star Empire releases short MV for this song a while ago.

Cred: Starempireofficial

Waaaa..It's like a 2nd teaser! But it's amazing =D I see so much Minwoo here <3 hahaha. I really like the song. Star Empire,I hope you will release the full MV quickly!

Watch their live performance in Music Bank on 29th July 2011 :)

Cred: kbsworld

This is truly ZE:A's styles! huhu. I'm so happy Minwoo gets a lot of parts and he always in the middle :) heheh. Omo, Hyungshik is so handsome! Dongjun-sshi, your vocal is so great ^^
ZE:A should win at least for once, they deserve it! I'm so loving them from the first day they debuted..ceyh~ hahaha.

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