08 July 2011

ZE:A's "Watch Out" MV Revealed!

ZE:A's special single, "Exciting" have finally released today. I thought "Watch Out" was the title of the mini album. Nah, it's one of the song in this mini album and also their title track! :)

Other tracks on the single include "Heart For Two" (which was featured in their previous teaser and was written by member Jung Heechul [My fav :D]) and "Why?".

Cred: ZEA2011

Watch out!! Funny dances but cute. Hehehe. I think this the first ever song that shows Dongjun and Hyungshik real vocal! They're very great!^^ Hhahah, I like Kwanghee's part! Wow~ "Heart for 2" song at the end of the MV :)

The best mini album from ZE:A! <3 Huhu. I'm waiting for "Heart For 2" MV!!~

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