12 July 2011

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa MV + 3rd Mini Album's Tracklist!

Seunghoo~~ hahahaaha

Oh yeah! It's MBLAQ! More idol groups will make their big comeback this month! I'm so excited =D The MV for "Mona Lisa" has just been released after teasing us with the teaser earlier in the day.

Cred: jtunecamp

Hhahaha. I keep replaying Thunder's part. It's so addicted! Hehe. I don't know, I love their concepts for this time and the MV too. Mir always looks cool in any MVs or performances! But in reality hahahaha :p Seungho woww I love his hair! Sexy~

Songs included in Mona Lisa mini-album :-

01 Ojos Frios (Bandoneon By 고상지)
02 모나리자 (Mona Lisa)
03 모르겠어요 (I Don't Know)
04 알면서 그래 (You Knew)
05 One
06 말하지 말걸.. (I Shouldn't Speak..)

I think this is the best mini-album from MBLAQ! Love all the songs!! ^^


  1. i love the music video!! i love the song actually but the choreography is super cool! totally into it, i thk seungho is all smexy at the back sorta wit joonhyung's hair hehe.

    thunder is so adorable actually, but i thought my sexy mir shoulda rapped more i love it. but yeah also with leejoon! his voice is actually quite pleasant proud of him! xD

  2. yeay!
    monalisa jjang!
    i really like it!
    dunno how many times i had watched thier mv!

  3. I LOVE MIR AND JOON'S HAIR. Seriously. Hot gila kot mir dalam nih hahaa Not digging Seungho and GO's hair tho. Sob. I wanna see your eyes~ Your sparkling eyes lol

    Love the song. And the choreography. Esp part oh oh oh oh~ Hot gila joon haha

    Suka part go ngan seungho nyanyi sama2~

    thunder muscle gila skrg hahahah

  4. omg, i love MBLAQ!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!


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