15 July 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110715]

Congratulations to 2PM on their triple crown win! Put your hands up!! ^^

1. 2PM - Hands Up
2. Secret - Starlight Moonlight
3. T-Ara - Roly-Poly
4. f(x) - Hot Summer
5. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
6. Hyuna (4minute) - Bubble Pop [NEW]
7. Jang Giha and the faces - Just Another Relationship
8. Mighty Mouth - Lalala
9. Min Kyung Hoon - She
10. Rainbow - Sweet Dream
11. 4MEN - Once In A Life Time
12. Kim Hyun Joong - Kiss Kiss [NEW]
13. BEAST - On Rainy Days
14. Kim Bum Soo - Last Love
15. BEAST - Fiction
16. 8eight - Close That Lips
17. Navi - Diary
18. 10cm - 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 (Love In The Milky Way Cafe)
19. Hyuna (4minute) - A Bitter Day
20. Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus

Here are the list for performances on 15th July 2011:

♬ Comeback Stage ♩ ♪ ~
MBLAQ [You Know & Mona Lisa]
Rumble Fish [I Love You]

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ♩ ♪
2PM [Hands Up]
T-ara [Roly Poly]

♬ HOT Summer SOUND ♩ ♪
F(x) [Hot Summer]
Mighty Mouth [LaLaLa (Fiesta)] Feat.Soya

♬ Brand New SOUND ♩ ♪
Min Kyung Hoon [She]
Hwayobi [I'm OK]

★ Today Music Bank ★
Hyuna (4minute), ZE:A, CSJH (The Grace) Dana & Sunday, J.ae feat Jiggy Dog, Girls' Day, Block. B, BGH to, B1A4, HITT, N-Train, Code V, J.ae feat Jiggy Dog, Boyfriend, Sunny Hill, A PINK, Navi, 8eight, Can, Jang Woo Hyuk and Secret.

* MBLAQ's comeback is WOW! Mona Lisa is their best song ever!~
* I'm happy to see BEAST is still on the chart :D
* SECRET, B1A4, and A Pink had their goodbye stages this week :(


  1. A Pink :( My fav~ hehe lupe nak wat post lol

    Ho yeah 2pm!!!~ Still strong!


  2. ur fave APink??? lol xtaw pon lol. i want t-ara to win next XD. dunno why at first the song is like weird pstu its so addictive! roly poly~~

  3. haha kan dorg baru thn nh debut haha probably my fav rookies lol

    yup! t-ara's song mula2 pelik lame2 addictive!!


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