20 July 2011

FT Island Let It Go! PV & 5th Single

FT Island is hard at work in Japan! Seeing they've just finished up their korean comeback with "Hello Hello," and now on their 2011 ZEPP tour again. FTI is ready to release their 5th single from Warner Music Japan into the market this 27th July!

"Let It Go!" Will be their title track and the PV is already out! Sorta shocked when I found it, released end of June quite early right! But doesn't make my mouth anymore smaller as I gape to the hotness of these rocker guys.


The single is comprised of 3 songs, fully written & composed by FT Island themselves! "Let It Go!" is written by Lee Hong Gi & Choi Minhwan (drums), composed by Choi Jonghun (lead guitar).

"Dream Sky" is written by Song Seunghyun (guitar), composed by Song Seunghyun & Choi Minhwan.

"Someday" is written & composed by Lee Jaejin (basist). No wonder they're doing so well in Japan!

Such talented boys, anyways check out the pv the song is awesome yall...


  1. Wohhh!! lagu2 sume diorang tulis n composed sndri..they're gonna be rich! hahhaaha

    fti mcm lebih ke jepun je..kat korea skjp je n then asyik gi jepun..hahhahaa..

    but lagu2 jepun fti byk rock2 kan..best laa! huhu

  2. haha yeaa i hope they do X). i love hongki's hair in here it looks shabby but rock cute haha.

    lee jaejin and his charming smile sooo meltyy haha. i like this song a lot for a rock song XD. and im proud hongki & minhwan even wrote it!


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