27 July 2011

After School Red - In the Night Sky MV + Debut Stage @ Inkigayo

Yeah! We're the hottest in After School!

As everyone knows After School has split into 2 groups; After School Red and After School Blue. They already made their debut stages in various music shows. After School Red has just released their MV for "In The Night Sky".

AS Red consists of the oldest/tallest/hottest/famous leader, Gahee, UEE, Jungah, and Nana :) They are more toward to sexy and powerful concepts where as AS Blue are cute and sweet concepts.

Cred: pledisartist

Hohoho. The song sounds cute not powerful or sexy! hahaha :p and yeah, they are so hot, sexy and also gorgeous! UEE has lost so many weight. I love this song even though it sounds like SISTAR's song. Blame Brave Brothers! Mwahaha..

Read more for their performance and concept pics~

Cred: olabula

Actually that sexy wave is not suitable for the song like this. Huhu. Nana sings in cute voice! Hhahaha. I like this outfit rather than the black dress one ^^


01. 밤 하늘에 (In The Night Sky)
02. Hollywood





1 comment:

  1. These girls are amazing.

    I bet they taste like chicken.

    Great performance.


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