22 July 2011

2NE1 releases Hate You MV & Mini Album Tracklist

2NE1 is out with a fresh new music video of their entree track "Hate You". The MV is constructed in animation directed by the talented artist Mari Kim. I really love her art its fabulously amazing, and I think it suits 2NE1 definitely.

The animation is super cool! The storyline is like an action-anime, where the girls chase after a wanted guy. I love the song a lot, even though at first the words were supposed to be "F*ck You." I think its just as awesome & PERFECT for this mv!

The new mini album will be released on the 28th July featuring "Ugly" as their title track. The MV is highly anticipated as well because I cannot wait!!

The Tracklist:

01 - I Am The Best
02 - Ugly
03 - Lonely
04 - Hate You
05 - Don't Cry
06 - Don't Stop The Music *Bonus Track*


  1. yeayyy! azra update laa skang..I nak rest plak..hahahahah..

    Pelik laa buat mv cartoon mcm ni..nk tgk real 2ne1!! hahah..tp lagu mmg cool laa :) nk tggu "Ugly" mv plak..huhuhu

  2. haha okk!! u rest a while awin haha. im bored jgak, nnti habis i spazz terus fti miann xpppp.

    lol i thk its cool they changed to cartoon, mcm britney spears lol. they'll have real 2ne1 wit ugly soon xD


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