27 July 2011

Teen Top - Don’t Wear Perfume MV + Roman [Tracklist]

Our "Supa Luv" teen has comeback again with their 1st mini album, "Roman". They have transformed from manly concepts into cute and more chic styles. "Don't Wear Perfume" is the title track of this mini album. Watch the music video starring actress, Park Si Yeon with Chunji and the boys 0.0

Cred: TeenzOnTop

Awww, there's a club scene. They're still kids you know. Aigooo~ I hope this MV will not be ban. I love the song. It has strong melody and cute choreography! <3 Haa, the song and dances remind me of SHINee too. CAP and L.Joe's strong raps, love it! The more I see Chunji, the more I see U-Kiss's Kevin. Hahaha Chunji's killer smile at the end!~


01 Don't Wear Perfume
02 Beautiful Girl
03 First Kiss
04 The Back Of My Hand Brushes Again
05 Tell Me Why
06 Don't Wear Perfume (Inst.)

Finished listen the whole songs! Ballad songs are the best from Teen Top. Like this mini album so much! :)) Well done boys!

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