19 June 2011

Sunny Hill's Midnight Circus MV & Album!

Welcome to Midnight Circus show..

Sunny Hill (써니힐) has comeback with a highly anticipated fresh new image for Midnight Circus album! Let me tell you if you haven't heard of them then this is an awesome time to listen to some variety K-Pop! Maybe the name Sunny Hill rings a bell from the compilation the four girls had with Brown Eyed Girls Narsha's Mamma Mia solo track.

I'm really excited to write about Midnight Circus because its just a track that I just can't stop saying "replay, replay." Love the concept, love the choreography, love the storyline, love the song! Sunny Hill was originally comprised of Jang Hyun (the guy), Seung Ah, and Joobi, later on Kota and Misung joined up the crew and incited an amazing team.

A lot of celebrities came to support Sunny Hill for their special comeback, check out the Midnight Circus MV featuring B2ST's Lee Kikwang and the teasers including Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In and IU!


Apparently Jang Hyun is a magician that is the director of the circus and controls the whole show. The four girls were originally animals that were transformed into human, but they were abused and treated harshly for the midnight circus.

Kota is the black goat in the cage, Joobi is the white bird on the swing, Misung is the white horse and Seung Ah is the black horse, looking in the mirror. In the end Jang Hyun cuts all of the strings so he can end the show. Notice only the accordian player is left, and he's the old man that plays it at the beginning of the mv. Cooooooooool huh?

STAGE Version:

Teaser #1 (ft. Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls):

Teaser #2 (ft. IU):



01 - Girl With A Accordion (Intro)
02 - 꼭두각시 (Puppetry)
03 - Midnight Circus
04 - Let's Talk About (Ft JEA of BEG)
05 - 기도 (Prayer) [Preview]

Concept Photos & Stills


  1. Wahh..hyeee azraaaa!!! hahahaa..

    sunny hill?? dlu diorang 3 org je kan? mcm pnh dgr dlu..hehehe..

    hahahaa..gikwang punye scene skit je! ceyhh! btw, lagu ni gempak laa! first tgk mb mcm wow! sape ni?? x knl..hahahaha..baru tau ni sunny hill..xknl laa diorang..

    IU and block B under a same company with them..patut rr famous semacam block B tuh..hahahahha..

  2. haha hii awin!! haha. yeah they used to be 3 ppl one guy two girls then add two more girls, the guy doesnt sing a lot i think he produces more.

    haha yeah i know rite i thk the song is so cool, first time i saw the mv like whoaa such a good production!

    yeah and LOEN actually owns part of other companies like JYP except 2pm, cube, nega network, that explains all the celebrities involved =)

  3. part dorang cangkung uh xleh bla hahaha first tym tgk kat mb cam wohhh, sape nih.

    i like the chorus.

    mv psycho gle! hahaha

    yg rmbt pendek uh style la. i like her haha

    kikwang random gle! hahaha

    beg under leon gak ke?

  4. haha bes ah mv XD ske gle. oh u like kota, lol i like the girl at the mirror i thk she's seung ah she's so pretty!

    haha i kno but kikwang dpt show his muscles xp.
    nono beg is nega network.

  5. "Notice only the accordian player is left, and he's the old man that plays it at the beginning of the mv."

    If you mean directly after Jang-hyun cuts the string, that's IU standing behind him with the accordian (at 4:04 and 4:09 in the video).

    Maybe she's supposed to be the old man as a young boy. The old man could be remembering the story from the past.


  6. @kkachi - it wasn't IU that was playing the accordion, it was just the old guy and yeah i think he was just remembering the past too.

    it'd be cool if IU made a presence in the MV but i think she just starred in the teaser as a girl that stumbled upon midnight circus =)


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