14 June 2011

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - Break Down + Please MVs + [Tracklist]

Hot gila! :-0

Last week, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong has finally made his long-awaited solo debut by dropping the music video for his title track, "Break Down" and the full MV for "Please"!

Actress Kim Min Seo was joined as Hyunjoong special love interest. No wonder I feel like I have seen this woman. Hahaha. She is in KBS's new drama, Baby-Faced Beauty! hahaa I watch this drama! ^^ Kyaaa~ I love this song more than "Break Down". He is so cool with the new look and the mic along with the dancing reminds me of Rain's Love Song. Hehehe XD

A fast and hip hop song! His look suits this kind of song but not his voice.hahaha. "Please" is better than this! :)) Btw, Hyunjoong is soo handsome and I love the dancing!!


01 Intro (Let Me Go)
02 Break Down (feat. Double K)
03 제발 (Please)
04 Kiss Kiss
05 Yes I Will
06 제발 (Please) (Inst.)

* Jungmin, Hyung Joon, Young Saeng, and Hyun Joong have already made their solo debut and they were awesomes! Now, we are waiting for the last member, Kyu Jong to make his solo debut! huhuh


  1. I dont realize all of them have made their solo debut until you list them out! HAHA ok taw semua pnh solo tapi cam x realize smua da HAHAHA my baby kyujong last weeeee xsabar!!!

  2. aaaah i love this album so much all of the songs are frickin good! i didnt expect this since my heo youngsaeng is my absolute favorite prince haha oh well. love hyunjoong! wanna meet him guys! haha

    awin put kiss kiss mv jugak!!

  3. @aox- hahaha..u gi ke times square jmpe hyunjoong tuh?? waaaa..

    hahaha..hrmm, mls nk buat entry baru..anyway, dah lme dah lagu tuh..*kiss kiss* HAHAHAH


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