17 June 2011

B2ST/BEAST Sings "You" on M! Countdown..

Beast performed "You" as special goodbye stage on M!Countdown yesterday. Waaa, so fast to say goodbye huh?! :( They have to continue their promotions in Japan next. Good luck my boys! Hehe. I love this song so much! My favourite song in Fiction and Fact album :))

Cred: pekky22

Love these parts!
I'm gonna make you love me, neol sarang handago~
Because of you you you you~~

Beast's loving and sweet sides!
Cair beb! hahahahaha XD


  1. SUKA GILA ALL THE WINNING CLIPS! Beast~ Triple crown bebeh! Congratz!

    I'm gonna make you love me~ alalalala sweet gila lagu nih hahaha

    comel part kikwang! dongwoon ngan yoseob xleh bla.

    sedap sedap smua suara sedap!

    doojoon shaking ke hahaha comel!

    cairr jugak hahaha

  2. one of my favorite songs off this album! XD because of you you you you!!

  3. saranghae oppa-oppa beast/b2st .... aaaaaaaaaaa:)

  4. my name is jan-nah i very like beast because...
    song's you'll every interesting i like speacily BEUTIFUL,FICTION,and what ever.......saranghae oppa


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