25 June 2011

4Men Covers 2NE1's Lonely and Big Bang's Love Song

(L to R): Won Joo, Shin Young Jae, Kim Young Jae

4Men has recently released their 4th Album, "The Artist". They are promoting 살다가 한번쯤 (Once While Living) song in music shows. This ballad song is very nice! for #4 in Music Bank's K-Chart this week :) They also sang for OST song like "Here I Am" in Secret Garden.

We know that all the members of 4Men have a great vocal! They cover other idol's song and it's actually very good! Better than the original one :) But I love 2NE1 and Big Bang too.hahaha

cr: yameddae

Shin Young Jae has an amazing voice! Wohh, the best singer! He seems very lonely~~ hahaaha

cr: jstasimplesub2

Hahaha. I like this version more than the original one :)

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