23 June 2011

B1A4 - 못 된 것만 배워서 (Only Learned the Bad Things) MV!

New music video from B1A4 has been released today! I'm so excited because I really love this kind of song! Of course this song is from their 1st mini album, "Let's Fly". They recently began to perform "Only Learned the Bad Things" on the various music shows. This song is completely different from their debut song, "O.K". Check it out below~

cred: chb1a4

Ehh, the girl looks like IU! Hahaha. Baro becomes the lead actor! He's so CUTE. Yes, he's the rapper! :D I'm very impress with Sandeul's voice! He's AWESOME! Waaaaaaa~ Leader Jinyoung so CUTE! CNU is HOT. Gongchan is COOL! Omoo, I think I fall in love with these guys. Baksu chyeo! hahahahha ^^

B1A4's profile :) Click HERE.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha first time i saw the mv so cute! yeah i did think she looks like IU at first lol.

    baro is so bad haha. sandeul's voice is sooo good. and i just rolf-ed when gongchan wiped his "tear" from his face hahaha. i love them!


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