03 August 2010

MBLAQ says Apa Khabar to Malaysia!

Whaddya know? J.Tune boy band MBLAQ seems to be heading towards Malaysian shores as well! First-time organizers Inspire.ME Malaysia has been working on the project of bringing the boys over & has recently teamed up with sponsor Krazee Duck apparel.

For further research they went to Seoul to meet the boys themselves at Cafe Si, Kangnam-Gu to have MBLAQ acknowledge Malaysia as seen in the video below! G.O: Apa khabar Malaysia~~

THANKS TO : J.Tune Entertainment

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MBLAQ's Interview...

MBLAQ-- which stands for "Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality" – was created and trained by asian superstar Rain. The group debuted in October 9, 2009 and on October 14, 2009 MBLAQ released their debut single album, "Just BLAQ", which topped various on-line and off-line music charts in South Korea. MBLAQ is one of the most successful rookie to debut in 2009 and inspire to take over the kpop scene by storm!

M.E had the opportunity to meet up with MBLAQ for coffee while they are promoting their single 'Y' in July 2010 to ask them a few questions!~


M.E: Please introduce yourself in your own word :)

SEUNGHO: This is SEUNGHO who is the leader of MBLAQ. My specialties are playing instruments and dealing with machinery ^_^

THUNDER: I am THUNDER who is taking a role in a rapper and vocal :D

G.O: Hello, this is G.O who is taking part in main vocal. I guess I am a vitamin of our member. *peace sign*

JOON: I am a vocal in MBLAQ. I will do my best all the times!

MIR: I am a rapper and the youngest member of MBLAQ.


M.E: How were you discovered and what was your training process like before you become a member of MBLAQ?

SEUNGHO: Through the company audition, and I spent the whole times in preparing for debut.

THUNDER: I could join this group through the audition. While I was in the training process, I thought it was difficult. However, I appreciate for the experience since if there is no such a pain at that time, how I could endure this condition!

G.O: I had really wanted to join the company called JTune. So, I participated in the audition and then became a member of MBLAQ. There are lots of memories with other members in the training period. The particular moments that we have gotten a scolding, practiced, and played together are still vivid in my memory.

JOON: As usual through the audition, while it was a little bit hard in the training process, actually it was enjoyable as well because it was for my dream.

MIR: I was cast through the audition, and it was fun actually even though having hard time to come and go to Jang-Sung every time.


M.E: What were your parents' reactions when you decided to become recording artistes?

SEUNGHO: My parents gave me all the love and support with all their heart.

THUNDER: Even though they already knew it was going to be a hard job, they encouraged me because that’s what I want to do.I'm grateful.

G.O: My parents have acknowledged my talent and given positive aid ans support to me.

JOON: Because i am a trained dancer, they thought I would be a dancer rather than a singer. Therefore, they were shocked at first but later on they supported me very well till now.

MIR: My parents cheered me up because they knew what I have truly wanted to be since when I was young.


M.E: What is it like to live a life as MBLAQ for a day? What is your normal daily schedule like and what is different about it before and after debut?

SEUNGHO: Well nowadays, we have lots of schedules in a day. The big difference between before and after debut is that I can’t go out freely as I want anymore :(

THUNDER: My daily life is extra ordinary!~ Practicing, broadcasting, eating, and sleeping... that’s all...^^".There is not that much difference between before and after debut. Only difference is that we are actually on the air and get recognize by the public more so we have to behave well~

G.O: We have a schedule every day. Before debut, I was kind of worried that we can make it or not but now my daily life is full of joy and happiness!

JOON: Hmm for me, as soon as I wake up, generally I go to a schedule or the practice room and then finish up the day with work-out. The difference, I think, is that many people have recognized me now after debut.

MIR: I wake up,then wash and go to a schedule or go to the practice room or housing, I think lots of people recognize us as a celebrity after debut.


M.E: So,what's the best and hardest thing about being stars?

SEUNGHO: The good part is we can get all the loves and concerns from many people but as much as good part, there is no privacy for my own life.

THUNDER: The best thing ever is that there is more and more chance to be loved by others and the worst part is that the variety of restrictions has been added as we are watched by the public now ^^"

G.O: There is no bad thing for me. One of the best things is to be loved by so many people~

JOON: Yes,that is the best part. I'm grateful for the love and support every single day.

MIR: The hardest thing about being stars is that we do not have any privacy but I am indeed happy to be loved by many fans.


M.E: 5. Whose personality is the most different on camera and off camera?

SEUNGHO: There is no different person particularly on and off camera.

G.O: No one else, everyone is the same as ever.

JOON: My members actual images are the same as on camera like other mischievous boys :p

MIR: *agrees with Joon* Yep.MBLAQ have just the same characteristics.

THUNDER: That’s me I guess. I am usually very shy and not talkative. By the way, if the camera light is on, I turn to be more active and crazy hehehe.


M.E: Which member care most about his appearances?

SEUNGHO: All members, I think, isn’t it common sense to look good in front of other people?

THUNDER: It’s me, I guess. Isn’t it for sure to care appearances to look nice?

G.O: It’s me. Even if when I am wearing a cap, I am trying to look nice.

JOON: Me?! I am very interested in clothes and accessories.

MIR: Every member EXCEPT me ~


M.E: When you switch on your computer, what is the first application you will use?


THUNDER: Internet & Fan Cafe. To monitor fans :p

G.O: MBLAQ Fan Cafe, A Plus

JOON: Fan Cafe

MIR: Fan Cafe


M.E: If a genie can grant MBLAQ members 5 wishes, what will you wish for and why?

SEUNGHO: As a singer, the best wish is to be awarded a grand prize at the end-of-year award. I hope it will come true soon!

THUNDER: I want to be the person who is not a celebrity.

G.O: My wish will be bliss of all people.

JOON: I wish I can have an ability to show the best performance on the stage all the times for fans.

MIR: Genie, Please give me vacation!


M.E: Talking about vacation, If you were given a perfectly free day, what would you want to do?

SEUNGHO: I wish to go on a trip with my family.

THUNDER: I want to be with the person whom I really like whole day.

G.O: For me, i want to see a movie in the theater... ALL DAY LONG.

JOON: Sleep~ i just want to have a really nice, long, peaceful sleep and rest :)

MIR: I want to go Jang-Sung to play with my friends as i can't see as often as i like :(


M.E: Please recommend a place in Korea that Malaysia fans should visit and why?

SEUNGHO: Insa-dong is one of the most popular places in Korea and it helps to understand Korean culture as a tourist attraction.

THUNDER: If there is music in that place~ anywhere will be okay!~

G.O: I recommend Myeong-dong because it is the biggest shopping center and one of most famous place to the foreigners.

JOON: N Tower, as you may know, have fresh air and is the best place ever to see Seoul at a glance.

MIR: Jang-Sung ! It have clean water and fresh air.


M.E: Lastly, What can the Malaysian fans expect from MBLAQ in the future?

SEUNGHO: Would you please like our improving performance with constant efforts?

THUNDER: Our endless efforts and improving performance on the stage!

G.O: We will appreciate if Malaysian fans would like our honesty and charisma on the stage.

JOON: I hope they can see how hard we work and practice as always to show better performance on the stage.

MIR: Could you see our improving performance and endless effort to keep in tune with fans?


As for the big question on when and where MBLAQ is going to come, visit Inspire.ME's Facebook page often for more pictures & details. Effpoo4our wishes these guys luck on their quest to have MBLAQ in Malaysia!


  1. auw my no 3 kpop bias. come to malaysia soon! ^^

  2. luv M BLAQ.. come here please.. and please announce to me..!!! amigosss


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